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Total Gym Sale - Total Gym promo

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Total Gym Supreme Was: $529.75 Now: $476.78!
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Total Gym-Founded in 1974 by partners Tom Campanaro, Larry Westfall, and Dale Mc Murray, Total Gym has always been committed to manufacturing top-quality functional exercise and rehabilitation equipment. Listed below is a brief timeline of the company and its place in the fitness equipment industry. 1974: Total Gym Inc. established; San Diego, California. 1978: Scientifically researched study, by Syracuse University, confirms Total Gym non-compressive training as a safe and effective exercise program.

How it Rides: Technically

Total Gym uses body weight as resistance against the consistent pull of gravity.

You adjust your body on the glideboard, which rolls up or down on an incline plane, allowing you to become the weight. You literally "pull or push your own weight" up the incline.

There are various levels of calibrated resistance*, each representing a constant percentage of the users body weight.

This percentage translates into pounds used as resistance. You simply raise or lower the incline of the Total Gym to increase or decrease resistance.

A chart is provided with Total Gym to determine how much resistance you are using, depending on body weight, level of incline, and whether you are performing the exercise with or without the pulley system.

Total Gym’s dynamic pulley system allows you to perform exercises through all three natural planes of movement with unrestricted range of motion.

You can perform exercises in any plane of motion, front to back, side to side or rotating, from a sitting, kneeling or lying position. The pulley system allows unrestricted range of motion when performing each exercise. Total Gym doesn’t lock you into a body position or limit your range of motion in an exercise.

* The number of resistance levels varies among models.

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Total Gym Free DVD. and Brochure Ongoing

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Total Gym
Total Gym Supreme Was: $529.75 Now: $476.78!
use coupon TGSAVE10
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