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Supermarket coupons, Grocery coupon codes

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A&P Supermarkets coupon page

A&P Supermarkets

Acme Supermarkets coupon page

Albertsons Supermarkets, sign up for Preferred Savings Card or select store location to see coupons

Aldi, Aldi does not issue or accept coupons at this time.

Associated Supermarkets coupon page

Associated Supermarkets

Bakers Plus Supermarkets coupon page

Balducci's Supermarkets, sign up for Rewards to receive coupons

Balducci's Supermarkets

Buehler's Buy-Low Supermarkets coupon page

Buehler's Buy-Low Supermarkets

Dominick's Supermarkets coupon page

Dominick's Supermarkets

Frys Food and Drug Supermarkets, use store locator to see coupons

Harps Food coupon page

Harps Food

H-E-B Supermarkets coupon page

H-E-B Supermarkets

Lowes Foods Supermarkets

Lauer's Supermarkets

Macs Market, use store locator to see coupons

Mariano’s Fresh Market

Mariano’s Fresh Market Savings Card

Market Basket coupon page

Market Basket

Mars Supermarkets coupon page

Mars Supermarkets

Marsh Supermarkets coupon page

Marsh Supermarkets

Martin's Supermarkets coupon page

Martin's Supermarkets

McCaffrey's Supermarkets, weekly circular

McCaffrey's Supermarkets

Meigers Supermarkets coupon page

Meigers Supermarkets

Met Foods, choose store location to see coupons

Metro Market, sign up for 'Savings Card' to find coupons

Metro Market

Nugget Markets, Sign up for bi-weekly 'Fresh to Market' email

Omni Foods, weekly flyer

Omni Foods

Owens Market coupon page

Owens Market

Pathmark Supermarkets coupon page

Pathmark Supermarkets

Pavilions Supermarkets coupon page

Pavilions Supermarkets

Pay Less Food coupon page

Pay Less Food

Pick 'n Save Supermarket, sign up for 'Savings Card' to find coupons

Pick 'n Save Supermarket

Piggly Wiggly Supermarkets are independently owned and operated, and some locations have a website with their ads and coupons. Click this link, then click your state to find the website.

Price Chopper Supermarkets coupon page

Price Chopper Supermarkets

Publix Supermarkets, choose location to see coupons

Publix Supermarkets

Quality Foods coupon page

Quality Foods

QFC Supermarkets coupon page

QFC Supermarkets

Raley's Supermarkets coupon page

Raley's Supermarkets

Ralphs Supermarkets coupon page

Ralphs Supermarkets

Randalls Supermarkets coupon page

Randalls Supermarkets

Red Apple Supermarkets coupon page

Red Apple Supermarkets

Redner's Warehouse Markets, specials page

Redner's Warehouse Markets

Rice Supermarkets, join the 'Experience Card Loyalty Program' to receive coupons

Rice Supermarkets

Ridley's Family Markets, select your location to find coupons

Rosauers Supermarkets, top left of homepage, click on 'Services', then click on coupons

Rouse's Supermarkets, choose store location to see coupons

Riesbeck's Food Markets coupon page

Riesbeck's Food Markets

Robért Fresh Markets sign up for email to receive coupons

Robért Fresh Markets

Roche Bros. Supermarkets coupon page

Roche Bros. Supermarkets

Ridley's Family Markets, select a location to see coupons

Rosauers Supermarkets, top left of homepage, click on 'Services', then click on coupons

Rouse's Supermarkets, choose store location to see coupons

Smith's Food coupon page

Smith's Food

Safeway Supermarkets coupon page

Safeway Supermarkets

Sam's Club, Sams Club does not accept manufacturer coupons. Coupons are distributed to members in the mail and at store locations

Save-A-Lot Supermarkets, sign up for newsletter or choose store location to see coupons

Save-A-Lot Supermarkets

Shaw's Supermarket, sign up for newsletter or choose store location to see coupons

Shaw's Supermarket

Shop 'n Save Supermarkets, sign up for newsletter or choose store location to see coupons

Shop 'n Save Supermarkets

Shoppers Food Supermarket, coupon link on bottom of homepage

Stop & Shop Supermarkets, savings page

Stop & Shop Supermarkets

Save Mart Supermarkets coupon page

Save Mart Supermarkets

Schnucks Supermarkets coupon page

Schnucks Supermarkets

Scolari's Food, select location to see coupons and specials

locator Scolari's Food

Sedano's Supermarkets, sign up for newsletter to receive notice of promotions

Shoppers Food, use locator to see weekly ad

locator Shoppers Food

ShopRite Supermarkets coupon page

ShopRite Supermarkets

Sunset Foods, weekly ad page

Sunset Foods

Stater Brothers Supermarkets, weekly ad page

Stater Brothers Supermarkets

Stew Leonard's Supermarkets, specials page

Stew Leonard's Supermarkets

">Stop & Shop Supermarkets, sign up for 'Stop and Shop' card for coupons

Strack and Van Til Supermarkets, choose store location to see coupons

Strack and Van Til Supermarkets

Straub's Markets, sign up for newsletter to receive coupons

Straub's Markets

Sullivan's Foods, choose store location to see coupons

Sullivan's Foods

Sunflower Farmers Markets, choose store location to see coupons

Sunflower Farmers Markets

Super 1 Foods, select your location to see coupons

Super 1 Foods

Superior Grocers choose store location to see coupons

Superior Grocers

Super Fresh Supermarkets coupon page

Super Fresh Supermarkets

Sweetbay Supermarkets coupon page

Sweetbay Supermarkets

Tom Thumb Supermarkets coupon page

Tom Thumb Supermarkets

Tops Supermarkets, Sign up for e-bonus Saver Alerts to receive coupons or enter zip code to see coupons

Sign up Tops Supermarkets

Thriftway Shop N Bag Supermarkets, sign up for weekly circular email or choose store location to see coupons

Treasure Island Supermarkets, sign up for email newsletter to receive notice of in store events and promotions

Trader Joe's Supermarket Trader Joe's accepts manufacturers coupons for outside brands

Vons Supermarkets coupon page

Vons Supermarkets

Wegmans Supermarkets, sign up for 'Shoppers Club' or select store location to see coupons

Weis Markets coupon page

Weis Markets

Wesselman's Supermarkets coupon page

Wesselman's Supermarkets

WinCo Foods coupon page

WinCo Foods

Winn-Dixie Supermarkets, sign up for 'Reward Card' to receive coupons

Winn-Dixie Supermarkets

Wise Way Supermarkets coupon page

Wise Way Supermarkets

Woodman's Food Market, sign up for email to receive notice of special offers and promotion

Yoke's Fresh Market, use store locator to see coupons

Waldbaums Supermarkets coupon page

Waldbaums Supermarkets

For the best price, combine supermarket sales with coupons Combine a weekly store sale with manufacturer's coupons and you've got the making of a super deal. Some websites are already compiling the list for you, so let someone else do the work and track the sales online for free

Buy low and stock high When the price on a product is particularly low, considering buying more than you need right now. Look carefully at the expiration dates and buy only as much as you feel you can consume before the products expire. Buying extra items now means you avoid paying full price in the future. This is especially helpful with products that do not have an expiration date (e.g. soap, paper goods.) Stock extra items in the closet, in the garage or even under the bed

Don’t fall for the Buy X for $Y trick A common grocery store discount will say something like "Buy 5 cans for $5." Read the sign carefully and look for the words "Must Buy 5". If you do not see the words "Must Buy" then you can purchase as many (or as few) as you want at the discounted price. In this example, "Buy 5 cans for $5," means that each can will cost $1. You can buy 1 for $1, 3 for $3, or 12 for $12 (or whatever limit they might have listed on the sign). Just remember to give the cashier your store rewards card to scan, or the coupon from the paper circular, if it says that those are required to get the discount. It's a little trickery on the store's part, hoping to get you to buy more than you normally would. But you can work the system in your favor with a few tricks of your own. Suppose you have coupons with you that DO require a minimum quantity (for example, $1 off 3 items). Buy the items in sets of 3 for as many coupons as you want to use, to maximize the discount. If there is a store-wide coupon such as $5 off a $50 purchase, use these items to round off your bag to get as close as possible to $50 total. If you have $46 in your basket, buy 4 of the "10 for $10" items to get to an even $50. Repeat for each store coupon you have. If you want to really stock up at the price, see if the limit is "per item" or "per variety". If it's the latter, you can buy different flavors to stay below the limit and still fill your cupboards

Shop different supermarkets for different items Supermarkets have weekly sales on goods throughout the store, which they publish in a weekly circular that can be picked up in the store or from the local newspaper (usually included in the Saturday or Sunday edition.) Try looking through each store's circular to see where it is best to shop this week.

Checkout again and again at the same store for great deals Some sales have a limit to the number of items that can be purchased at one time (the limitation is usually listed in the supermarket circular and on the shelf price tag). A limit of 4 means that any additional items will be charged the regular retail price during that checkout session. However, it is ok to make multiple visits. Purchase 4 items, place them in the car, walk back into the store, purchase 4 more items, place them in the car, etc. Soon, there will be a car full of groceries at a low price.

Not all sales are good deals Even when an item is on sale always compare the unit price and check your price log. Some store sales are only for a few cents reduction on the regular price. The larger size package of the same product or from a different manufacturer might still be a lower unit price.

Look all around for better prices Some shoppers don't realize that companies pay for the shelf space their goods occupy in the grocery store. The shelves at eye level are more expensive because they are easier for shoppers to see. Be a smart buyer by looking all around the aisles for bargains that lurk on the bottom and top racks. Also, be aware that some products (e.g. beans, rice, spices) are available in more than one section of the supermarket. Look down the "ethnic" food aisle in your store to compare the price of imported goods to the famous brands.

Make a list, but don't ignore big surprise sales Shopping lists are a great way to remember important items and to recall good sales going on in the store that day (always carefully check your closets and pantry before writing something on the list as it is possible you already have it in stock). However, sticking to a list can shut you off from other possible deals. Sometimes a store will run additional sales that aren't mentioned in the weekly circular. Sometimes a new coupon will be available on the box or in the aisle. Sometimes individual stores run a clearance on over-stocked items. Don't forget what's on the list, but also keep your eyes open for special deals if it's something you would buy on your next trip anyway. But, avoid buying things you won't use even if it's cheap

onsider leaving helpers at home Careful shopping habits are wonderful ideals to pass down to your children, however long trips can be hard for them. Plus, you will most likely find yourself making (expensive) purchases not on the list to reward their good behavior.

Eat before you shop. Don't shop hungry.

Substitute ingredients Some recipes call for ingredients that you normally don't stock in your house or you currently don't have. Instead of buying a new bottle of something that you might only use once consider a substitute. Try the resource below for some replacement suggestions Aldi, Aldi does not issue or accept coupons at this time.

Search for the clearance section Grocery stores often pull items from the shelf because the are going to stop selling the product, because the package is slightly damaged or because the item is nearing its expiration date. Look for a clearance table or clearance shelf in your local store for huge discounts on a variety of items (remember, coupons still apply to these items). Ripe fruit is a great example especially if you can use it in a recipe right away. However, just because something is on clearance doesn't mean it is necessarily a great price especially if you don't use it.

Costco, Costco does not accept manufacturer coupons. Coupons are distributed to members in the mail and at store locations.

Dean and Deluca

[sent email re coupon policy] Bottom Dollar Food coupon page

Bottom Dollar Food

Food Lion coupon page

Food Lion

Hannaford Supermarket coupon page

Hannaford Supermarket

Harveys Supermarket coupon page

Harveys Supermarket

Sweetbay Supermarket coupon page

Sweetbay Supermarket

Kroger Supermarket coupon page

Kroger Supermarket

Dominick's Supermarket coupon page

Genuardi's Supermarket coupon page

Pavilions Supermarket coupon page

Pavilions Supermarket

Randalls Supermarket coupon page

Randalls Supermarket

Tom Thumb Supermarket coupon page

Tom Thumb Supermarket

Vons Supermarket coupon page

Vons Supermarket

Sam's Club, Sams Club does not accept manufacturer coupons. Coupons are distributed to members in the mail and at store locations.

Kmart Supercenters

Other Grocery stores coupons

Cafe Britt
Fourth of July Sale - 30% off Sitewide!
use coupon INDP3Q
More Cafe Britt coupons

10% off $50+ order!
use coupon JUNE10
More Ghirardelli coupons

Mighty Leaf Tea
20% off Coffee Espresso Capsules and Free Shipping!
use coupon ONEYEAR
More Mighty Leaf Tea coupons

My M&Ms
25% off Bulk Candy and DIY!
use coupon SUMMERBULK25
More My M&Ms coupons

Old Time Candy
Get 10% off Sitewide!
use coupon OTC0619
More Old Time Candy coupons
10% off $150+ Orders!
use coupon TENWINE
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