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Cafe Britt: Free shipping on 10 bags. 125x 125. MSN

Fourth of July Sale - 30% off Sitewide!
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Expires: 07-09-2019
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Get Free Shipping on Cafe Britt Gourmet Coffee When You order 6 Bags!
Expires: 01-23-2024
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Cafe Britt: Fresh roasted coffee beans covered in creamy dark chocolate - FREE shipping on 6 or more!

Premium gourmet coffee fresh from Costa Rica. Buy online today!

Cafe Britt was founded in 1985 as the first gourmet coffee roaster in Costa Rica. Before Cafe Britt, it was virtually impossible to find a memorable cup of coffee in the country. It seemed all the truly exquisite Costa Rican coffee was being hidden away. This, of course, was not true. The simple fact was all the best coffee was being exported.

It was here we had the opportunity to pioneer great change and introduce gourmet quality roasted coffee to Costa Rica. As exporters ourselves, we were able to see the problem and we knew we could solve it; by reserving and roasting some of this fine Costa Rican coffee. We had all the ingredients for success: access to perfect coffee from the countrys best plantations, the finest mills, the roasters, and the obsession with quality. We combined all our resources and the result was Cafe Britt, Costa Rica s most remarkable coffee.

Cafe Britt is a specialty travel retailer with over 50 stores in 5 countries that owns and manufactures its key brands in premium coffees, chocolates and specialty items, designs most of its products, and integrates its physical and web channels. Capabilities based on know-how in product and store creation, execution skills, precise logistics, strong customer service, speed of execution, and an executive team comfortable in an international environment have combined to create a unique travel retailer. The Company has acquired a strong reputation for its creativity and marketing skills.

Britt has coffee and chocolates production facilities in Costa Rica (since 1985) and in Peru (since 2005). For its coffee production the Company has intense interaction with growers, giving them training and advice to ensure the final products premium quality and commitment to environmental standards. In other areas such as local handcrafts the Company has established long term relationships with its producers, which in many cases work on an exclusive basis.
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Cafe Britt
Fourth of July Sale - 30% off Sitewide!
use coupon INDP3Q
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