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Joseph Pilates (Pilatu) was a German of part Greek ancestry, the original family name being Pilatu. Joseph Pilates participated in many types of physical fitness activities and sports including: gymnastics, diving, boxing, bodybuilding. He moved to England in 1912 and worked as a boxer, circus performer and self defense trainer for police schools and Scotland Yard. At the outbreak of WW I he was interned with other German citizens in a camp on the Isle of Man. After WW I, Pilates went back to Germany and worked with experts in dance, police officer training and physical fitness. As a result of being pressured to train German army members, Pilates immigrated to the U.S. around 1925. Eventually the Pilates method of exercise was conceived along with the Pilates exercise equipment. The Pilates Method is an exercise system based on improvement of strength, flexibility and body awareness. Pilates is similar to resistance exercise and not aerobics but includes exercise for all parts of the body. The Six Pilates Principles are: Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision & Concentration. The original Pilates Method used specially designed equipment: the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Spine Corrector, the Ladder Barrel, and the Wunda Chair, mat work and the sessions were supervised by Pilates trained instructors. Online fitness stores and store fitness departments generally have coupons, discounts, special offers, promotions for a wide range of Pilates related items.

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