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Gourmet Caramel Apples

Give a birthday gift that will stand out from the rest. Mrs. Prindable's handmade confections and gourmet caramel apples.Order today!

Deliciously elegant gifts for weddings, anniversaries, bridal parties & showers.Order Mrs. Prindable's handmade confections today!

A Mrs. Prindable's gourmet caramel apple is the ultimate way to thank that special teacher.Order a deliciously elegant gift today!

Mrs. Prindable's Gourmet Caramel Apples. Handmade & Shipped Fresh Daily.Shop now!

Mrs. Prindableís invented the "Gourmet Caramel Apple" as we know it today. It started with the thought of creating the most unique hand made confection indulgence using the nostalgic tradition of a caramel apple. Since unique was the premise, no small apple would do. It had to be the biggest and best apple available. Next, the caramel had to be the most decadent and luscious. So the recipe required the freshest cream, butter, pure cane sugar and natural vanilla. Finally, we topped off our creation with the highest quality chocolates, nutmeats or candies.

To really dress it up as the hostess gift of choice, a hand tied bow was applied which could be ordered with a special ornament, to compliment the celebration or sentiment.

This uniqueness continues 25 years later. Each year new creations and ornaments allow the gift giver to surprise their recipients.

Only the finest specialty gourmet stores carry the Mrs. Prindableís brand. Now itís easier to purchase our unique gifts and send to your special someone.

Browse through our delicious selection of gourmet apples and confection gifts. We will deliver directly from our kitchen to yours.

Or, send to family, friends, coworkers or just someone special. Your carefully packaged, distinctive gift is made to order and will get to its recipient in perfect condition. We guarantee it.

Mrs. Prindableís starts with a handpicked, extra-fancy apple, grown especially for us. Delivered fresh from the orchard and with the utmost care, it is gigantic in size, crispness, taste, and juiciness. The apple is dipped-by hand-in creamy, smooth caramel cooked that very day. Using only the best all-natural ingredients-butter, sugar, cream, vanilla-the caramel is prepared in copper pots in small batches.

Why small batches? It enables us to better monitor the quality and consistency of the caramel, ensuring that each layer is up to the soft and creamy standards that make our caramel so famous.

Now coated in velvety caramel, the apple is hand-rolled in the finest nuts and toppings. Sometimes it is covered in premium pecans. Other times they are coated in large cashews. Now and then itís chocolate cookie and cream pieces. From time to time it is rich toffee that becomes the final layer. Maybe, even, itís dipped or drizzled with milk, white or dark chocolate.

Who determines the final toppings that our expert chocolatiers hand-apply to this apple? You do.

Each gourmet caramel apple ordered from Mrs. Prindableís is made to order to ensure freshness and delivery without delay.

Mrs. Prindables

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