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This page contains a small sample of coupons and offers from stores that sell Garden products
including Seeds coupons, Garden Equipment coupons, Tractor coupons, Flower Bulb coupons, Vegetable Seed coupons and other Garden Supply coupons.
This page also lists department stores that have Garden departments, however the coupons shown on this page may not be for Garden Supplies.
Be sure to look at these department store pages for Garden specific coupons.

Garden discounts by Category


Garden discounts by Brand


Garden discounts by Store

To use a coupon or offer, use the "Click here" link under each offer.
To see all offers for a certain store, click the "See all offers" link under each
store heading.


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$5 off any order of $25!
use coupon BURPEE5
Expires: 02-16-2024
Use this Burpee coupon!

$15 off any order of $75!
use coupon BURPEE15
Expires: 02-16-2024
Use this Burpee coupon!

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Direct Gardening

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Dutch Gardens

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Exterior Accents

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Gardens Alive

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Gardeners Choice

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Gardeners Supply

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Henry Fields

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Home Depot

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Master Gardening

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Nature Hills

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Park Seed

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Plow and Hearth

Get $15 off Orders $75+!
use coupon LSRAIN
Expires: 06-30-2019
Use this Plow and Hearth coupon!

Shop Now and Get Free Shipping on UGG Products!
Expires: 01-15-2024
Use this Plow & Hearth offer!

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Spring Hill

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Tractor Supply

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Wayside Gardens

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Whatever Works

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See all Worx offers

A garden is a planned space, generally outdoors, used for growing of plants. Gardens may include ornamental plants grown for flowers, foliage or appearance or plants grown for consumption or medicinal use. Plants grown in a garden may be annual (lasting one season), biennial (lasting two years) or perennial (permanent or many years). Gardens may be very simple with one type of plant or specialized that may include: plants, shrubs, trees. Gardens are different from farms in that gardening is done on a smaller scale and farming is done on a large scale to produce saleable goods. There are many garden types: vegetable garden, carnivorous bog garden, native plant garden, container garden, water garden, flower garden, herb garden, kitchen garden (Potager), Childrens garden, butterfly garden, cactus garden, rose garden, shade garden, edible garden, wildflower garden, fairy garden, vertical garden, knot garden, square foot lasagna garden, windowbox garden, rain garden, xeriscape garden, hydroponic garden, hanging garden and others. If you lack sufficient space to garden or only have a balcony, gardening is still feasible with the use of containers, pots, windowboxes and hanging pots or baskets. Garden Supply stores, plant nursery, seed stores and stores with gardening departments offer: seeds, plants, rootstock, bare roots, bulbs, or rhizomes, accessories, tools, water/irrigation supplies, soil amendments, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, support structures, power equipment (tillers), seed starting supplies, books, garden planning & record keeping software, beneficial Insects and much more. Gardening stores and departments may also stock patio furniture, barbecue grills, spas and other outdoor leisure products. When expanding or planting your garden save money by using discounts, coupons, special offers and promotions for purchases.

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