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For residential lawn mowing, there are three basic types of mowers: those you push or walk behind, those you ride and robotic. The push mower is good for small to medium residential lawns and are either gas or electric (corded and cordless) or human powered in the case of reel mowers. Push mowers can be classified into: manual push, self-propelled push and manual reel mowers which use no fuel at all. Riding mowers are a good choice for large lawns and for people with health concerns or movement restrictions. Robotic battery powered mowers cut the lawn on their own within installed underground invisible perimeter wires or through GPS. Knowing the size of the lawn area to be mowed is crucial when purchasing robotic mowers because each model will have a maximum lawn area specified. When purchasing a mower, first determine if a push or riding mower is needed by considering: size of lawn, slope, terrain and number of obstacles in lawn. For push mowers factors to consider are: self-propelled or manual, fuel type, handle adjustment, cutting width, electric key start or pull start, warranty, bagging or mulching, lever height adjustment and others features pertaining to your particular needs. When deciding between a self-propelled, manual push mower or reel mower, it is important to match the mower type to your fitness and health level. For riding mowers or lawn tractors some considerations are: turning radius, accessories, engine power, mulching or bagging, cutting width, speed, deck size, automatic drive, drive speeds, sun canopy, adjustable seats and steering wheel, safety features, availability of attachments, swivel front wheels, use for tasks other than mowing, ease of repair and finding replacement parts and other aspects relevant to your situation. For riding mowers picking a brand model that can be repaired and serviced nearby may be considered since they are not easily loaded into the back of a car. When purchasing any type of mower, it is helpful to compare prices at different websites, use coupon codes, watch for deals, promotions, sales, free shipping offers, check the weekly ad on the store website. Other options are: making the purchase online using a coupon and picking up the mower in-store and waiting for off season sales.
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