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Ecoloblue coupons - Ecoloblue coupon codes

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EcoloBlue 30 Bundle

Water from the Air

EcoloBlue 30ô Up to 30 liters per day 12-stage filter process 280 watts

Water is the most important organic compound on Earth. Yet, the World over, pure, uncontaminated drinking water is becoming harder, and harder to come by. And every day, millions of plastic water bottles, cups and containers are transported around the Globe by steamships, trains, and trucks, spewing carbon emissions into our atmosphere. Only to be discarded, thrown into landfills, onto our streets, and into our Ecosystems. These bottles donít degrade. And the few that are recycled only increase the overall carbon footprint. Even local water supplies are filled with trace amounts of chemicals, hormones, even prescription drugs. It doesnít have to be this way. There is more water in the air than in our Oceans. And at EcoloBlue we have developed a unique, powerful, and responsible way to tap into this vast resource. Our proprietary AWG technology is 100% compatible with all forms of portable and renewable energy, including gas-powered generators, and Wind and Solar solutions (which put cost per Gallon/Liter at an astonishing $0.00). Our Biodegradable Plastics provide a companies with an industrial-grade 100% renewable solution with same-or-better performance as traditional plastics. At EcoloBlue Life and Energy, we strive to provide responsible, and renewable water and energy solutions for everyone, everywhere. One drop at a time.

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