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CPR over with, for another year

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive March 2007: CPR over with, for another year
By Dawnk777 on Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 11:19 pm:

It took up 4 hours of my night, though. The good news is, that I didn't have to work all day, and THEN go to CPR. My only clinic hours were the CPR class, today. I'm always glad when it's over with and a year goes by soooo fast.

We did lots of practicing and now my hands are sore! It was hard to test out, because by then it hurt to do CPR the right way! (which is never how you see it on TV, since they are trying to CPR on live people! LOL!)

The other good news is that I got a little reading done in my current book, while I waited to test out. I just let myself go last, because everyone else HAD worked all day AND I live the closest, of probably anyone in the room, to the clinic, since I can walk there in 5 minutes. Tonight, I had the car, though.

By Cocoabutter on Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 11:33 pm:

That was so gracious of you to let everyone go first!

I took CPR about 8 years ago because I did daycare and it was a requirement if I was to have a kiddie pool or give kids baths. I don't remember much. The prodecures are different for kids than for adults -i.e. number of breaths and pumps. I heard a while back that those were changed, too.

By Dawnk777 on Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 11:43 pm:

Everything is 30 compressions to 2 breaths now, except for 2-man CPR with an infant and then it's 15:2. Of course, I learn a slightly different routine, since I'm a healthcare professional. I think they only teach one-man cpr to laypeople.

By Hol on Friday, March 9, 2007 - 12:19 am:

I keep saying that I am going to take the course since my DH has heart disease.

By Kaye on Friday, March 9, 2007 - 07:22 am:

I am supposed to be certified with my GS troop. Mine lapsed about 3 months ago and I need to retake. I was told if you go in before it lapses you can "test out", but I never seem to make that happen for me. I am going to make my 13 year old daughter sit through it next time I go, it would be great for babysitting!

By Beth on Friday, March 9, 2007 - 07:48 am:

I just did mine two and it was all different this year. They swithched it to the 30 and 2. This years instructor was really cool. She didn't even make us take the written test. She more wanted to see that we all new what we were doing.

By Dawnk777 on Friday, March 9, 2007 - 08:10 am:

We took the written test. It was easier than other years. We only had 20 questions and they were worded better, as to really know what they were asking. I got 100%. We were allowed to get three wrong, but I'm glad I didn't get any wrong.

By Bobbie~moderatr on Friday, March 9, 2007 - 08:42 am:

Lisa, I learned CPR in high school.. I didn't think I remembered anything either. Two years ago, I was at a birthday party and had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a 2 year old. Everyone else started to panic and I swooped up the little boy and it all came back to me in a rush. I was the hero of the day.

By the way, DumDum suckers are a choking hazard for small children, the sucker will come off the stick..

Dawn and Beth.. Congratulations to you both.. You rock!!

By Dawnk777 on Friday, March 9, 2007 - 08:42 pm:

I HAVE to know it, for work! It's not optional!

By Mrsheidi on Saturday, March 10, 2007 - 07:23 am:

Dawn, it IS tiring, isn't it? I had to do it for 4 straight years in college and a lot came back to me when I had to do it again for my coaching career.
Good job on the 100%!

By Dawnk777 on Saturday, March 10, 2007 - 08:02 am:

Yes it is! They made us practice a lot, which is good, though.

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