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Card Verse/Saying need ASAP

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive October 2006: Card Verse/Saying need ASAP
By Missymelissy on Friday, October 27, 2006 - 04:48 pm:

Quick background - my mom has had cancer for 11 years - it is now terminal, we haven't been given a time line. She went into hospital a couple days ago and she'll likely be in there for a few more days. She lives on her own. I'm the only child. My mom has 2 sisters. Between my Aunts and I we try to see mom as much as we can. Mom lives a distance (1 1/2 - 2 hours).

I have made my mom a card and I would like to put a nice verse in it but I can't find a good website. On the front of the card is a tea cup which is done in Iris fold (a type of paper folding) and I have put a teacup/teapot/spoon sticker on the front with some white pearl beads on the bottom.

My Aunt and uncle are going to see mom tomorrow and I'd like to get the card finished and dropped off for them to take.

Any ideas/help would greatly be appreciated. TIA.

By Colette on Friday, October 27, 2006 - 05:13 pm:

I think instead of a verse, I would write her a letter telling her how much she means to you and recall some fond memories when you were growing up.

By Cybermommyx4 on Friday, October 27, 2006 - 06:39 pm:


I'm so sorry to hear of what you're going through right now. I sat for a moment and pictured the card you described...I am also an only child...tea and teacups have a special importance in our family...anyway, the following is what came out...I hope it helps a little. You and your family are in our prayers. {{{HUGS}}}

A little tea and sympathy
is not enough this time;
It can't wash away the pain you're in,
Or force the sun to shine...
But sometimes when I'm feeling down,
I'll make that cup of tea--
And the warmth will help remind me
Of the love you've given me...
The comfort and the sweetness
Won't take away the pain,
But it can help us to endure it
Until the sun comes out again...
Someday we'll be together
In a way that will not cease--
But until then, tea and sympathy
Might bring a moment's peace
In a world that we cannot control
No matter how we've tried
Until the rain stops falling
And our tears have finally dried...
I hope you know how much I love you
And how much I ALWAYS will
You have given me a lifetime's love
And enormous shoes to fill...
When my little boy looks up at me
And says "Mommy, I love you!"
I'll remember when *I* said those words...
So many you.

By Bea on Friday, October 27, 2006 - 07:08 pm:


May your days and nights be filled with peace,
And may those you love be near.
May the solace of that closeness
Banish any hint of fear.

May the joy you've brought to others
Fill your soul now with that light,
And the memories of happy times
Fill your dreams through darkest night.

For you've lent your strength to many.
You've upheld us in our strife.
Now let those of us who love you
Let you know just how your life

Has been the brightest beacon
For you've shown us how to bear
With great dignity and courage
Both the bad times and the fair.

As a mentor and a comforter
You have always been my guide.
As a Mom there's been none better.
May you know all this with pride.

All my prayers and thoughts are with you.
May you feel their soothing grace.
May my care and loving hold you
Here within that sacred space.

And may God then grant you courage
When the time to fight is o'er
And be waiting for you smiling,
When you reach His lofty door.

For you'll be borne by angels
That our Lord has sent for you
And in wholeness be rewarded
All your pain will then be through.

B. V. Dahlen

By Breann on Sunday, October 29, 2006 - 06:13 pm:

When I count my blessings, I count you twice.

Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

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