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Brrrr! Feels like winter!

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive October 2006: Brrrr! Feels like winter!
By Dawnk777 on Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 10:15 am:

I woke up to 28 degrees this morning! My impatiens are all done now. :( (The alyssum is still going strong, though! LOL! It's tough!)

We had a short snow squall, right after dropping off the kids at school. There were lots of snowflakes, but not enough to stick to the ground!

We have a stiff northwest wind and it's making it chilly to stand outside with the dog! We aren't used to the cold yet, and I had just been in a toasty-warm car! We need to get a little tougher! LOL!

30.8 degrees
NW wind at 6mph gusting to 11mph.
Windchill 24 degrees, although it seemed colder than that, to me! LOL!

By Tink on Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 10:41 am:

I'm so jealous of those of you with cool weather (although maybe not the windchill of 24*!). We have a high of 83* today and our highs are going to "dip" into the high 70's for the next week. I just want to bundle up in a sweater and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while I watch the rain come down outside. That's not going to happen anytime soon here!

By Hlgmom on Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 04:04 pm:

YIKES!!!!!!!!! I would cry! :)
89 and sunny here today...just the way I like it! :-)

By Hlgmom on Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 04:04 pm:

YIKES!!!!!!!!! I would cry! :)
89 and sunny here today...just the way I like it! :-)

By Hlgmom on Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 04:06 pm:


By Dawnk777 on Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 05:52 pm:

89 and sunny is almost too warm, though! LOL! I don't mind the cold so much, as the darned wind! That's what makes it feel so much colder!

By Reds9298 on Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 10:41 pm:

Sounds a little like IN today Dawn! Down to 28 tonight. Had my heat on all day today for the first time. We've been turning it on at night and it will come on occasionally, but it ran throughout the day today. It was COLD!

Last week in IN we had about 3 days of wearing shorts. A/C during the day and heat at night. Craaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzy IN weather! I just got a Jeff Foxworthy joke from a friend about things you can say about Indiana. ONe of them was "You know you're in IN if you run your A/C and heat in the same day". I laughed at the hard truth of that! That is exactly the way it is in IN. This time of year, you never know how to dress. It's freezing in the morning and warm in the afternoon.

By Karen~admin on Friday, October 13, 2006 - 07:28 am:

The *cold* front is coming through here as I type. LOL Our high today is supposed to be around 70 and I am breaking out long sleeves. :-)

By Dawnk777 on Friday, October 13, 2006 - 07:56 am:

Our furnace has been running during the day, for the past week or so. It's still very windy and thus, very cold out. I know it can get worse, but the first bit of cold is always bad, since you aren't used to it, yet.

Winds are 21mph gusting to 29mph! Yikes!

By Debbie on Friday, October 13, 2006 - 10:02 am:

I don't miss it at all!!!! My friend from Chicago emailed that they had snow yesterday. We were cold in the morning, low 40's, but we warmed up to 60. Today we are suppose to be 70. Perfect fall weather for me!! I love Oklahoma!

My boys were sad about the snow. I think they will miss it. But, NOT ME!! I hated the cold and the wind!

By Marcia on Friday, October 13, 2006 - 12:52 pm:

They had so much snow in the Niagara Falls region, I think especially on the States side, that roads and schools are closed. I'm pretty sure they said they got 50cm. Not nice for the first snow of the season!
We had a mini blizzard late yesterday afternoon, but it didn't even touch the ground.
Karen, I'd LOVE your cold front!! Funny about your long sleeves. I went out this am and still had my capris on. I haven't turned the heat on in the house yet. Our home faces south, and we have big front windows. It was 74* in here yesterday, while it was snowing out there. :)

By Dawnk777 on Friday, October 13, 2006 - 08:09 pm:

Marcia, I'm going to have to check the,Fallsview Cam to see the snow!}

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