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Anyone have any cleaning short cuts that they want to share?

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Anyone have any cleaning short cuts that they want to share?
By Feona on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 - 09:42 am:

I just found simple green wipes. I was planning on using two wipes a day to wipe down various parts of the bathroom. But I don't know if they are super safe to use so I am going to try Method wipes for the bathroom. I figure if I spend a one or two minutes every day on the bathroom I could get a very clean bathroom most of the time.

I really like roomba dirt dog. The roomba dirt dog are automatic like sweepers. I don' t like the roombas because they break easier than the dirt dogs. The roombas are very expensive too.

They are about $120 dollars on They are great for people will little kids that drop alot of crumbs.

The roomba dirt dog is very loud but durable. It is made for use in a garage. I run it about once a day in various parts of the house. I have like 3 of them. I usually run it as I am walking out of the house. You must pick up toys and stuff from the house or it will get caught on string and stuff like that.

By Feona on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 - 09:44 am:

What I really would like is an automatic stair cleaner and automatic bathtub cleaner. Sigh. All I want for chistmas is a robot maid.

By ~harlena on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 - 11:32 am:

an automatic stair cleaner is probably called a teenager who has been grounded ... hahaha !

I try to clean the bathroom while my youngest is taking a bath ..... he's old enough that he wants to play in the tub for awhile, and I'm right there so I don't worry that he's going to drown himself, AND I can use that time to get something else accomplished, granted it doesn't ALL get clean (the floors don't get done while he's splashing around !) and it's also only one bathroom out of three, but hey, one clean bathroom is better than NO clean bathrooms !

Have you tried Clorox Wipes ? They work great especially on toilets !!!

By Northcountrymom on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 08:22 am:

Hi Everyone,

CLEANING!!! We're living in much closer quarters than we have in the past and so maintenance cleaning is critical just for survival. I've definitely increased my youngest's chores because he can do more and its amazing how if you've cleaned it your much more careful not to make it messy or dirty. He also polices everyone else once he's on board-even the dog.

I love our 110 labrador retriever but he definitely increases the creature:cleaning ratio because of the fur. I haven't found the fur solution except areas that are off limits, covering things and constant brushing and combing of the source. Resolve and Urine Be Gone work on the occasional accident.

Green as I am, I never thought I would increase the landfills with Swiffers and things like the wipes but I love how easy and convenient they are. So hypocrisy thrives. I also use Scrubbing bubbles spray for cleaning far more than bathrooms. It works on everything but it has a bleaching component so be careful - don't use on Fabrics.

Happy Domesticity!!!!!!!!!!!! (tongue in cheek of course, but its progress and God's not done yet)

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