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Eyebrow waxing

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive June 2004: Eyebrow waxing
By Mommierenee on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 11:24 pm:

Have any of you ladies had your eyebrows done with a string? I had it done today for the first time. It was rather painful. I found a couple of web pages about it. One quote:
"It’s not necessarily less painful, but some people swear by a less-traditional—and harder-to-find—method called threading, where the tool is a cotton string. The “threader” loops it around the offending hairs (usually several at a time) and twists them out from the roots. It’s a good option for the wax-averse, it’s faster than tweezing, and it can be a lot cheaper than both."

the other:

"Geeta Sud, cosmetologist at the Upper Cut salon, uses a technique called threading to shape eyebrows and remove other unwanted hair.

Threading is a relatively new technique by Western standards but has been practiced in Middle Eastern countries for thousands of years. The only equipment required is a piece of 100 percent cotton thread in the hands of a skilled cosmetician.

With one end in her mouth, the thread looped around one finger and the loose end in her other hand, Ms. Sud twists the string. The unwanted hair is grabbed as the twists in the thread tighten. The hair alone is pulled, leaving the skin untouched. The cost is $15 the first time, $12 for follow-up visits.

Ms. Sud prefers threading to other techniques because she feels she has more control. With a thread, she can take care of the smallest of areas.

One benefit of this method is that hair of any length can be removed. Some waxing treatments require Å inch of hair for the wax to stick.

Ms. Sud learned general cosmetology in the United States but returned to India to learn the old practice of threading from a experienced friend"

Anyway, it hurts!

By Mommmie on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 12:12 am:

I had my eyebrows waxed today, too! I do it regularly and it's not as painful anymore. The more you do it, the less hair that is ripped out each time. My lady who does is from Afghanistan (she left in 1979 with the Russians invaded) and when I cringe she says in her heavily accented voice, This is the cost of beauty! It is painful being a woman!

By Cat on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 09:10 am:

I've had mine waxed once. NEVER again! lol I'll pluck, thank you. I have heard of the string method, though. I think I saw something about it on tv, something about women in prison doing it because they're not allowed to have sharp objects (tweezers) so they do it this way instead. I didn't think it would hurt more, but then again, I've never tried it.

By Texannie on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 09:43 am:

I get my eyebrows, bikini and underarms waxed. No big deal. I have the string on my underarms once, and I thought I was going to DIE!!!! It was so painful!

By Amecmom on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 10:09 am:

I had the string done on my eyebrows and my upper lip once. It was not less painful, in fact, it hurt more than waxing. However, I found I had less of a reaction afterward. Waxing takes off skin as well as hair, whereas the string takes only the hair.

When you are waxed regularly, it hurts less - hair is shorter, skin is less sensitive, etc.

I've heard there is a cold wax technique, but I haven't seen it yet. Boy do I miss the city!!! (NY). You could have anything waxed!

Where I live now, there is only one place I can get a Brazilian bikini wax.


By Trina~moderator on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 10:11 am:

I saw a threading demonstration on TV once. I don't know of anyone in my area that does it, but then again I haven't looked. I had my eyebrows waxed once. Never again. It didn't hurt but I had to go home and pluck many hairs that were missed. I pluck my eyebrows every 2-3 days. I have to, otherwise I'd be sporting a uni-brow. LOL! I've been doing it for so many years now that it doesn't hurt at all.

By Mommierenee on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 10:26 am:

OUCH texannie!
It hurt really bad with the string. The waxing doesn't hurt to me, because it's so quick! The thread is like torture! LOL
She told me it won't hurt the next time, but I'm not sure I'm willing to take that chance!

By Kaye on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 10:41 am:

Okay so I have to ask...what is a brazilian bikini was?

By Amecmom on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 11:11 am:

A Brazilian is where they take all the hair from down there - all the hair before and aft.

In my younger days, when I actually had the body for one, I used to wear a Bazil cut bikini and days when I was really bold (and it was legal)a thong bikini. You need to be hairless for that.

Now, I'm embarrased to be seen in anything but long shorts!!!!

Oh how things change ...


By Kaye on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 11:32 am:

Alrightee then :) I can't imagine letting someone do that to me. I am way too shy, i would love to get a darque tan, but gosh I would have to be all but naked for that to work...LOL

By Tink on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 02:40 pm:

My mom had the threading done and she loved it. We have the strangest growth pattern in our brows and this is so precise! I am not a very hairy person so I only have a few strays that I take care of underneath and at the top of my arch but I would probably do this.
Re: Brazilian, I would be WAY too embarrassed to let anyone get that intimate with me except my dh and my Gyn. Of course, dh would probably like it! Kaye, what is a darque tan?

By Kaye on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 03:12 pm:

It is a spray on tan, they can do it in about 10 seconds. Think car wash idea with

By Amecmom on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 03:17 pm:

Re: embarrassment - a good wax tech. is just as much of a professional as your gyn :). After all, think of all those intimate secrets your hairdresser knows ... Also, if you're shy you can wear panties and the tech will just kinda move 'em out of the way.

By Cat on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 03:21 pm:

From what I read online about a Brazilian wax, they said your waxer would get to know you as well as your gyn. THAT'S OKAY!!! lol

By Dawnk777 on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 08:46 pm:

Painful being a woman?? I don't think so. I'm going to stay far away from wax and pain, thank you very much! No thank you.

By Bellajoe on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 08:58 pm:

I"ve never heard of the string waxing thing before. I'll stick to getting my brows waxed! It doesnt' hurt anymore than having a baby!! LOL! And it only hurts for a few seconds.

By Kernkate on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 10:00 pm:

I guess I am old fashioned, I still pluck my eye brows. I myself have never heard of the string thing...I guess that s what it is being from a small town. Eyebrow waxing is just getting big here. But by all the post I will stick to plucking as I have done for years.

By Mommierenee on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 10:08 pm:

I never knew this would be such a popular topic! LOL
My eyebrows do look better than waxing.

By Children03 on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 10:11 pm:

I pluck my darker hair by right between my eyes I get peach fuzz and I can't pluck that so I have a friend that waxes my brows and it makes all of the difference in the world. It doesn't hurt to me, so I don't mind it.

By Dawnk777 on Monday, June 21, 2004 - 12:04 am:

I have never plucked or waxed. My eyebrows are just my eyebrows!

By Misty on Monday, June 21, 2004 - 11:23 am:

I have never done anything to my eyebrows. I sometimes want to, just because I can see how different it makes the face look (to me anyway)... but, I dont know how to go about finding a "good" person to go to. The place I get my hair cut at (out of convinience mostly) have a sign that they do it, but, I havent ventured there yet.

So, how do you go about finding someone good?

By Tink on Monday, June 21, 2004 - 11:32 am:

OK, Kaye. We have that a few places here but it's called Mistic Tan. Just a brand difference probably. I've done it and love it. I can't tan because of 2 bouts of melanoma and the spray tan is beautiful. I did strip down but I was in a booth by myself so I wasn't embarrassed.
I really like the difference when I pluck just the stray hairs that I need to clean up my line.

By Hol on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 10:28 pm:

I had the thread method done on me when I was in hairdressing school. The lady was from India. I loved it. I didn't think it hurt a bit. She was so fast. She did my brows, upper lip and chin. (Yes, when you go through menopause, you get chin hair, ladies! LOL!). It hurt a LOT less than waxing, there was no irritation, and the areas felt so SMOOTH! To each his own.

Because I can't find someone now that does it (I live in a small town, too), I just pluck.

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