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What do you use to make your home smell fresh?

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive June 2004: What do you use to make your home smell fresh?
By Momaroze on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 09:19 am:

Is there anything on the market that works?

By Emily7 on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 09:31 am:

When I managed a motel we had this industrial product that we used in smoking rooms called I think Smoke Out. One of the housekeepers told me she found the same product at the dollar store.

By Yjja123 on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 09:33 am:

I love burning Yankee Candles. They scent the entire house. We like any of the baked goods scents (gingerbread, pumpkin pie, etc)

By Momaroze on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 09:41 am:

mmmm gingerbread, pumpkin pie. These are my kind of smells. Like when you go into a candle store or something the entire store smells so wonderful. Smoke out, I wonder if we have that product here in Canada? I will check it out.

By Texannie on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 11:25 am:

Febreeze. It doesn't mask the smells it gets rid of them. I have two big indoor dogs too!

By Mommyathome on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 11:29 am:

I like burning Gold Canyon or Salt City "Sugar Cookie" candles.

Also, I have about a million of those little plug in oil things from bath and body works. I LOVE them!, and they aren't over powering. Just nice.

By Rayanne on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 02:57 pm:

I use glade plug ins. Hawaiin Breeze

By Emdee on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 03:22 pm:

I love the wall flowers (?) from bath and body works! They last for some time, but they are somewhat expensive. Where I am at--they are having their annual sale which I think is 5 for $35, but usually they are expensive. Worth it, I think!

By Momaroze on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 03:33 pm:

Texannie, doesn't Febreeze leave a sticky residue afterwards. I would think not if you like and use it. I just heard that it does? I have wanted to try this in the past.

By Colette on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 03:43 pm:

I just open the windows. Every day of the year - no matter the weather - in every room of the house, for at least one hour, sometimes if it's really cold, I'll only do it for 1/2 hour.

If something got burned on the stove or we cooked fish, I simmer some spices in water on the stove.

By Coopaveryben on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 04:54 pm:

I use Yankee candles but I use the simmering pots, they take the Yankee candle "disc" looking candles (they are only about 1.00 each and they last about a week) you put the candles in the top of the crock and a tea light candle underneath. It will smell up the entire house.

I also use a good smelling fabric softner (I like Downy Clean or Cool (can't remember which)Breeze) not only does it make your clothes smell good but it makes the house smell good too.

By Andi on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 06:05 pm:

I have Plug In's in every room and once a month I use Fabreez on the furniture. We have 3 cats and 1 big dog so I like my house to smell fresh not like our pets. I also burn candles if I know I am going to be home all day.

By Yjja123 on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 06:37 pm:

I like the Yankee candle tarts too. I think they sometimes put off a better scent than the candles

By Dawnk777 on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 11:43 pm:

I like opening my windows! At the clinic where I work, sometimes the exam rooms can get pretty stinky, like if someone hasn't bathed in a while or they are a heavy smoker (UGH!) We have Lysol spray that we use to freshen up the rooms before the next patient comes in. It eliminates the odors, too!

So, I bought some for Dh to use in the basement. The stairs are in the middle and the bathroom down here is under the stairs. It's also his favorite place to take a dump, so I get gassed out by my computer sometimes! Ugh! When he sprays, the smell goes away faster!

By Children03 on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 - 11:46 pm:

Yankee Candles. They make your entire house smell good. I have also used the french vanilla plugins.

By Kittycat_26 on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:23 am:

I love candles but nothing kills the smells like Febreeze. With a two year old we can have some diapers that would kill the nose of a lesser woman.

Wow, sometimes you gotta wonder what they are sneaking into their stomachs when you aren't looking.

By Children03 on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:34 am:

I will have to try Febreeze, I just had another friend tell me that she loves it.

By Amecmom on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:42 am:

Open windows. I have two Ionic Breeze air purifiers, which I love. I've noticed that I don't get as much dust when they are on as well.
Pier One makes a great cirtus potpourrie, which is wonderful. They have a spray you can freshen it with.


By Debbie on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 10:57 am:

I use Frebreeze if I get a bad odor somewhere.(I have never noticed a sticky residue) Otherwise, I just open my windows whenever I can.

By Momaroze on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 06:14 pm:

MMM Febreeze is great. No sticky residue. :)

By Monicamomof3 on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 06:45 pm:

Pier One candles are wonderful! One of my favorites are ginger peach!

By Angela on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 09:15 pm:

The Clorox fabric spray leaves a fresh clean scent and completely removes odors, it doesn't just mask them. It is especially great on smoke and pet odors. We don't smoke, but my nephew's real dad does and our nephew stays with us during the summer so that he can visit his dad and other relatives since he lives in a different state. I can't stand the smell of smoke and it gets rid of it, even in stuffed animals and pillows. With Febreeze and Oust, you have to watch out for asthma sufferers (it says so on the Oust warning label). Clorox doesn't bother his asthma and it doesn't smell artificial like Febreeze does.

By Amecmom on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 11:04 pm:

Just got the most amazing citrus air freshener. It smells like oranges and lemons and I used only a small amount and my whole downstairs smells like an orange grove! It's called Super Citrus Air Freshener. I got it at BJ's, very cheeply!

By Feona on Thursday, June 17, 2004 - 05:33 am:

Lately I am burning alittle incense. I got some from an avon gift. The are little round trianges. I like them.

By Children03 on Thursday, June 17, 2004 - 06:29 am:

I was wondering about febreeze. I looked at it in the store the other day and it says it was for fabrics, so how you use it as an air freshener? Do you just spray it in the air?

By Kittycat_26 on Thursday, June 17, 2004 - 08:09 am:

I spray it in the air, under the furniture cushions, and on the carpet. If I just need a quicky, I'll turn on the ceiling fan and shoot some up at it.

My husband thinks I'm nuts most times but it makes a big difference.

By Mommierenee on Thursday, June 17, 2004 - 01:21 pm:


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