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What do you think of this?

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive June 2004: What do you think of this?
By Eve on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 07:03 pm:

A waste of money? I'm desperate, but I hate to waste money! I'd love your opinions.

By Boxzgrl on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 07:14 pm:

I'd ask your doctor about it first.

I never trust drugs online that i've never heard of. I didnt read over everything but is it FDA approved?

By Ginny~moderator on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 07:20 pm:

Looks to me like it is a tape. I have no idea if it would work, but since you don't put anything in your body it can't hurt anything. Still, have you talked to your doctor about your morning sickness - can s/he offer anything that might help.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first, I had to stop working at about 8 weeks because I could not ride more than a mile on the bus without having to get off and upchuck - this kept up for about two more months, and then disappered. I didn't have that problem with my other pregnancies, though.

By Emily7 on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 07:24 pm:

I am always scared to buy things on line like that. I agree with Ginny your Doctor should be able to help you.

By Melanie on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 07:24 pm:

Gosh Eve, I can't see how that could possibly work. I wasn't able to find any independent evaluations, though. Like Ginny said, it won't hurt you even if it doesn't work. But I am definitely skeptical.

I am sorry you are feeling so yucky. I was praying it wouldn't be that way this time around. I hope you can find a solution soon. (((HUG)))

By Debbie on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 07:33 pm:

Eve, talk to your doctor about taking ginger supplements (sp?) I saw a show on TV the other day about morning sickness. They said that studies show that ginger reduces it. They said that there are tablets that you can take each morning.

Hope you feel better soon.

By Kate on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 07:49 pm:

Peppermint and lemon are supposed to help, too. I think eating peppermints and sniffing lemons is what it was. Not at the same time, though! :)

By Claire on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 08:57 pm:

Eve ask your doctor about Zofran. It may provide some relief.

By Mommmie on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 09:03 pm:

I wore the motion sickness wristbands and ate ginger and had the doc give me a suppository and they all helped the morning sickness.

That is what we are talking about, isn't it?

By Tink on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 09:11 pm:

I took Reglan (Rx) while pregnant with my last and it worked wonders.

By Eve on Wednesday, June 2, 2004 - 01:26 pm:

I thought it was too good to be true! Bummer.

On a happy note, they gave me a script for Reglan today. I'm hoping to feel better soon!

By Colette on Wednesday, June 2, 2004 - 01:27 pm:

I've been thinking of you and wondering how the morning sickness was. I hope you feel better soon.

By Emily7 on Wednesday, June 2, 2004 - 01:33 pm:

You may produce breastmilk with reglan. That is what they gave me after I dried up & then discovered my ds was allergic to everything.

By Ladypeacek on Wednesday, June 2, 2004 - 01:42 pm:

Well if you do try it PLEASE let me know, man i feel ill all day every day!! I told me my dh when we decided to have one more child i obviosly overlooked the fact i had to be pregnant again, LOL!!! I hate morning sickness!

By Melanie on Wednesday, June 2, 2004 - 03:09 pm:

I am so happy to hear you have finally been given something. I will keep my fingers crossed that it works. (((HUGS)))

By Emdee on Wednesday, June 2, 2004 - 04:43 pm:

I was also given phenergan for pregnancy sickness(prescpription)--I threwup at least 30-40 times a week (so I really don't know if this helped much or not!) until around month 5. The big drawback to this med. is that it makes you tired and a little depressed feeling, but when you are sick you already feel that way so there isn't much to lose! Hopefully it won't last the whole pregnancy, and I hope you are feeling better soon.

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