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Asia deals, discounts and promotions

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There are many unique and fascinating travel destinations in Asia. Asia is not actually a separate land mass continent but a part of massive Eurasia. Just a few of the countries that come to mind when we hear the word Asia are: Japan, China, South Korea, Malyasia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Singapore, India, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Kuwait, Kazakhstan and of course others. In general, we can consider Asia as having three important political divisions: The Middle East (West Asia), Southeast Asia (South Asia) and North Asia. European Russia is also considered a part of the Asian Continent. Climates range from temperate to tropical to desert and combinations/variations of these. Asia offers very diverse travel destinations, just a few are: ultramodern countries like Japan, Singapore and South Korea, struggling countries like Laos, Bangladesh, Burma and those in the middle like Indian and China. There is an unending list of activities for visitors to Asia: wildlife spotting in India, jungle trekking in Malaysia, riding horses in Mongolia, skiing in Japan, mountain climbing in Nepal, tiger spotting in Bangladesh, shopping in Hong Kong, desert ruins in Jordan, ancient monuments in Cambodia, beachcombing in Thailand, scuba diving, snorkeling, adventure trekking/hiking, sailing, golf, fishing, biking, bird watching, etc. Asia is famous as having some of the best cuisines in the world and it is as wide and varied as curry in India to sushi in Japan, with dining utensils ranging from chopsticks to fingers. Asian cuisine can be grouped into regional styles that have their origins in the cultures and people of the regions: East Asia with origins in Imperial China (Japan, South Korea,etc), Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.), South Asian (Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, etc.) Due to the vast distances and expanses of water in Asia, air travel is likely to be the preferred mode of transport between regions and countries. Asia's largest airport hubs with intercontinental connections include but are not limited to: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai and Singapore and in the Middle East, Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi. If you chose travel to Asia by train, generally you come in through Russia or Turkey. An interesting experience involves taking the Trans-Siberian Railway. Accommodations and lodging in Asia may include: luxury hotels, well know hotel chains, budget hotels, hostels, resorts, beach bungalows, bed and breakfasts, small family hotels, lodges, spa resorts, condos, cottages, guests houses and others. Since Asia is so very diverse, it may be wise for travelers to prepare by using: country guide books, travel guides, official country/embassy websites, CDC travel recommendations/guidelines, etc. With a bit of advance planning, families can find discounts and coupons for travel to this unique destination: airfare, car rentals, tours, attraction discount cards, hotels, motels, lodging, vacation packages and more.
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