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Xbox is Microsoft's answer to the Sony playstation. In it's most recent incarnation, the Xbox 360s (slim), it offers a gaming experience equal to the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3. While the Wii is targeted at the grammer school crowd, the Xbox has until recently has had a teen gamers focus. The flagship for this crowd is Halo. The most exciting new development for Xbox is the release of Kinect, which offers handsfree, controller free operation of games. Kinect also provides voice recognition capability.

To help navigate the oft confusing designations of the Xbox models:
The newest model, the Xbox 360s (or slim) is slightly smaller than the regular Xbox 360 and offers built in Wifi (wireless internet). You may also find the designation 4GB, which refers to an internal flash memory used to store game configurations. Another specification, either 250GB or 320GB refers to the size of the Xbox hard drive. However, the newest Xbox 360s appears to come with the 250GB drive only.

Kinect is offered separately for about $149 or comes bundled with the Xbox 360s.

Microsoft Xbox site

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