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Stores with Weekend discounts:

Dollar Rent A Car

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Expires: 01-01-2020
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Thrifty Rent-A-Car

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Weekend discounts are often found on car rentals and other services that typically depend on business customers for the majority of their income and see very light usage on weekends. Airlines were one of the first to offer discounts to travellers willing to "stay over the weekend" compared to the typical one to two day round trip used by the business traveller.

Huge discounts can often be found at hotels located in downtown business areas who will have many rooms available due to the dearth of visitors on weekends. When contacting the hotel, ask in advance about the "weekend rate", which usually begins on Friday and ends on Sunday night. The hotels will often offer other "weekend perks" such as free breakfast, in return for you staying over the weekend.

Many travel sites offer "short getaway" Weekend specials, to entice people to get away the 3 day weekends instead of making short day trips.

Weekend discounts on Car Rentals can sometimes be found at airports heavily frequented by business travellers during the week. However, you won't find these discounts in Northeast cities, such as New York City or Boston, which have a much lower rate of car ownership than the South and West. City
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