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Free WebWatcher code - Webwatcher discount - Webwatcher coupons

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WebWatcher's powerful Website Recording and Website Blocking tools enable you to quickly and easily monitor Internet use and block unwanted websites on a computer. WebWatcher's Website Recording enables you to see every website visited, the time of day a site was visited, the total number of visits to a site, and the types of searches completed. With just a click, you can see the actual web pages that were visited. Since WebWatcher uses a web-based interface, you can remotely monitor all web surfing on the computer you are monitoring from any computer in the world. This means that once WebWatcher is installed, you don't have to physically access the computer you're monitoring. To access the recorded information, simply login to your secure online WebWatcher account.

Awareness Technologies has helped people all over the world to solve problems in their lives brought on by computers and the Internet. WebWatcher is consistently chosen as the #1 choice in computer monitoring software regardless of the field it is being used in. Here are just a few of the places Awareness Tech has been called on to serve: Helping counter-terrorism agents to carry out the war against terror, Allowing businesses all over the world to run their companies more efficiently and effectively, Aiding schools in the fight to keep their students safe while online, Giving parents the tools to better understand their children and keep them safe from Internet threats. With offices in Los Angeles and employees and representation in many parts of the globe, Awareness Tech takes pride in making sure that every customer is ecstatic with their purchase. To do that, we make our customer service reps available seven days a week.

Awareness Technologies is a privately-held security software company based in Los Angeles, CA. It was founded in 2002, originally to provide software tools for national intelligence agencies, but shifted its focus five years ago to building the most practical and powerful security software for businesses and consumers. Awareness Technologies has developed and owns InterGuard, WebWatcher, and Laptop Cop, each a leader in its segment, and each making use of Awareness Technologies’ patented technology.

Awareness Technologies was recently named a 2008 winner of Deloitte’s Fast 500 award, given to the fastest-growing technology and life sciences companies in North America. To better serve its customers, Awareness Technologies remains a private company, 100% owned and run by its management. Our customers include Cabinet-level agencies in the USA, leading corporations worldwide, along with schools, law enforcement, hospitals. For all customers, we deliver the highest-level of performance and innovation, at highly competitive prices. Our computer monitoring software is the premiere way to monitor any computer. Once you install WebWatcher on the computer you wish to monitor, you can access the recorded data from any computer with an Internet connection. This means you can monitor a computer remotely, and you don't have to physically access the target computer once the software is installed. WebWatcher's Screenshot tool allows you to see everything on a computer screen as if you were standing right there. WebWatcher takes a picture of the entire screen so that you never miss a thing. The screenshots are captured and saved chronologically so you can view them whenever you wish. Since WebWatcher is web based, once you've installed the software onto a computer, you don't have to physically access the computer in order to see what's been recorded. Sometimes referred to as computer monitoring software, or a keylogger, our computer monitoring software was developed by ex-NSA programmers to guarantee that it runs 100% invisibly to the user.

Cyberbullying gained national attention this year as multiple incidents of teen’s committing suicide after being the victim of cyberbullying grabbed headlines. Parents have a responsibility help stop cyberbullying, whether initiated by or targeting their children. Computer monitoring software that includes a keylogger such as WebWatcher can be an important part of parents’ strategies to combat cyberbullying, when combined with setting clear expectations and rules regarding internet use and initiating open communication about appropriate internet behavior. Tools that directly interact with digital communication devices offer parents an easy way for to continue meeting their responsibilities without constantly having to be present to watch over their teens.

With WebWatcher's powerful Email Recording technology, every email that is sent or received on a computer is automatically recorded and saved for you to view at any time! WebWatcher's breakthrough Instant Message Monitor feature automatically records both sides of all instant messages (IMs & "chats") on the host computer that you are monitoring. WebWatcher's keystroke logger outperforms all other keylogger monitoring software programs on the market. Web filtering software, or keyloggers, are often referred to as computer monitoring software but it shouldn't be labeled as such! The WebWatcher monitoring software records every keystroke made on a host computer so you know what application was used, what was typed, and who was typing it. Even if a document is never even saved, WebWatcher still records it. No matter how quickly the typist types, nothing will be missed. Best of all, WebWatcher's keylogger has a unique ability to auto-format what was typed into a human-readable format, removing the extra "backspaces" and "deletes" that can make the output extremely readable as compared to competing software and hardware that can be clumsy and very difficult to use. WebWatcher's powerful Website Recording and Website Blocking tools enable you to quickly and easily monitor Internet use and block unwanted websites on a computer. The wide open nature of the Internet has turned the world-wide web into the modern day equivalent of the Wild West. Anyone can find just about anything, no matter how crazy, making the need for computer monitoring and web filtering software undeniable. If you're like most people, you don't have time to read every single piece of correspondence that goes through the computer that you are monitoring though, so you need a way of quickly identifying which emails, IMs, etc. need your attention.


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