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Verizon Wireless coupons, sales and discounts

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Get $50 cash back when you order the 1Mbps, 3Mbps or 7Mbps High Speed Internet...$25 if you order online, for a total of $75!

$150 Cash Back when you order a High Speed Internet Triple play or $100 with a High Speed Internet Double play!

Limited Time Offer on Verizon Bundles!

Verizon Wireless 30-Day Test Drive. Only America's most reliable wireless network makes an offer like this. Now you can try us out for 30 days, and if you're not convinced that we're the best wireless network, the calls you made are on us.

Verizon DSL

On April 4, 2000, Verizon Wireless officially entered the wireless communication market (Verizon Wireless). A joint project of Verizon Communications and Vodafone, Verizon Wireless is leading supplier of wireless communication in the United States, offering service in more places across the country than any other service provider. The history of Verizon Communications and Verizon Wireless are very interesting especially now that the company has grown to its current size and popularity. Its history can be traced back many years. The company’s roots can be traced to two distinct companies: Bell System and General Telephone & Electronics Corp. (GTE). The history of Bell System can be traced back to the invention of the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell himself. Bell System controlled the telephone market in the United States with a government supported monopoly until 1984 when the divestiture of the company was ordered. As a result, seven “Baby Bell” corporations were formed. GTE was the result of a merger of Sylvania Electric Products and General Telephone in 1959. GTE Mobilnet, the first provider to offer celluar services nation-wide, was created in 1981


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