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 Money Saving Tips

For any other product coupons you want, try calling the toll free numbers on the products packaging. Email me with the numbers and I will include them on the website. I will give you credit and you will be helping hundreds of moms. I will not include telephone numbers where you have to wait an unreasonable amount of time to speak to a representative.

Ask to join the Baby Club of your local supermarket. For example, Publix, A&P, and Waldbaums have baby clubs.

Several of the cheapest places to buy formula, wipes and diapers are Toys' r Us, Babies' R Us and Costco Warehouse Club. Costco Warehouse has a yearly membership fee. Sign up at Babies' R US for their mailings with coupons.

Try to use the coupons when the item is on special sale.

Keep your coupons in the wallet or purse you use when you shop at the supermarket. Try putting them in an envelope labeled baby coupons. It is disappointing not to have the coupons you need when shopping. I like to stock up when an item is on sale and I have coupons.

See if your library has a coupon basket. People drop off and take coupons in basket. Suggest the coupon basket to the library by putting the idea in their suggestion box. The whole community benefits by your simple action.

Try to shop at supermarkets that double coupons.

Some stores will not double duplicate coupons. For example, I had two duplicate Gerber coupons and one supermarket (King Kullen) would only give me doubling on one of the coupons. Edwards Supermarket doubles all coupons in our area even duplicates. It pays to look at your receipt and ask questions.

I was surprised to learn that the coupons that the supermarket gives you when they print up your receipt are not doubled. That is because they are not manufacturer's coupons. Only manufacture's coupons are doubled.

Most supermarkets only double coupons up to $1.00. Therefore, a $1.00 coupon is worth more that a $1.50 coupon.

Keep practicing using your coupons. You will get good at it!

Always check your receipt to make sure the clerk credited the coupons for you. I can't tell you how many times I find mistakes on my receipt.

I bought a coupon organizer today from CVS. The coupon organizer was less than $3.00. The coupon organizer actually helped me when I went shopping with my coupons. The coupons were organized in a smart way and made it easy for me to save money.

I recommend going to the library and using their computers that have T1 lines, which give you super fast internet connection, to order your coupons.

I recommend going to a more mature grocery clerk to use your coupons. They have the wisdom to realize the value of what you are doing for your family. Some of the younger clerks don't yet realize how $20 saved every couple of days adds up.

Moms have no time. If your child is over 18 years old, have him/her order the coupons for you. I suggest giving the child a dime or so for each coupon you use that they got for you.

Free shipping to me is like getting at least a $5.00 coupon. If you just order a low priced item, free shipping is the best. If you are ordering a lot of items in an online store with free shipping, use multiple coupons to take advantage of the coupon discounts.

Use a Discover Card and get 2% back on all purchases at the end of the year.

A hundred dollars saved is a hundred dollars earned! Tax-Free! Your savings are Tax-Free earnings. Absolutely! That money you get back from your coupons is not taxed. Absolutely legal tax-free earnings.

Misc Tips

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, try to get out every day and take a walk. A small business on Ebay, helps encourage a walk to the post office. Perhaps go to the park everyday for a short time. Sunshine and walking improves your mood, improves the baby's mood and you save money by not having to join an expensive health club to stay in shape!

Check out at least three local libraries' free programs. For example, in Long Beach, New York, the library has Toy Time from 10am-12 noon every Friday! They have children and toys for my child to play with! The program is free for children from 6 months to 5 1/2 years! They have finger-play another day! Perhaps you can suggest it to your local library?

When you are at the park, if you are inclined, talk to other mothers and share money saving and baby tips. For example, I was at the park and I learned that in a near town, Rockville Center, I could join their recreation center for about $100 a year even though I don't live in Rockville Center. They have a tumble time running all year for the kids! In another park, I learned from another mom about another super park, Bay Park, near my house. It is like five parks in one. Wow! You suggest to other mothers how to save money and they will love to share tips and ideas with you too. May I suggest you recommend this web site or any of the ideas on the page?

It seems that the best parks are at beaches or large recreational area parks.

Check out Tag Sales or Garage Sales with a lot of children's items. I usually pay about 10% of retail price at a garage sale for almost new looking toys and clothing. You will usually find the best selection and lowest prices in wealthier neighborhoods. How to find a garage or tag sale? To find children's items, it is best to just drive around the neighborhood looking for garage sale signs. Busier streets usually have the garage sale signs, which give directions to garage sale.

Try not to do too much in a day. Don't get overtired.

My newest worry is that the baby will get too cold. I want my baby to look his best, but I have decided that polyester sleepers with the built in feet make my life easy. It also is a very inexpensive way to dress a baby. I take the baby to the park in his warm sleeper with the built in slipper. Cotton gets cold when wet from drool or urine, while polyester stays warmer. I just feel better when the baby is dressed in a polyester sleep with feet. I have decided that the kids today are so cute, that they really don't need fancy clothes. I bought some very warm sleepers at J.C. Penny for about $11.00 each. I have spent as little as $4.00 (on sale with coupon) for some okay quality ones at Kmart. I bet when the baby can walk, I can fit those slippered feet into some sort of shoe. What do you think?

Here are some great suggestions from Stephanie.

1) When you find good childrens books, cds, movies etc. you want to buy, write down the full title and isbn # then look on There are some great deals there.

2) Call your local Sunday paper that has the coupon section and ask if they have extra copies of the coupon sections that sometimes cannot be recycled. They will often give them to you (allow you to come pick them up)

4) Call your local library and find out when their book sells are held. Most cities' public libraries sell books and tapes they will not be using anymore for various reasons.(I totally agree with this. I just sold a book for $9.99 on Ebay that I bought at a library sale for 20 cents! You can use the library's computer to search on Ebay to see if the book is marketable. Actually a previous customer bought the book from me on my recommendation. It was an excellent book!)

How to Remove Stains from Clothing, Upholstery and Carpets

To remove stains from clothing try Lestoil. Put the Lestoil directly on the stain and wait 10 minutes, then wash. It has paint thinner in it and that is why it is so great for removing stains.  The bottle recommends this method for stain removal. I recommend this product for stain removal. This method does not work for old formula stains.

Does anything work on old formula stains? I know bleach doesn't work. I don't believe anything works on old formula stains. You might be able to lighten them, but probably not remove the stain completely. I would not waste money buying expensive products trying to remove old set in formula stains.

Stephanie, who is a nurse, says, "Whink is great! It is under $3.00 here for 10 oz. They have a web site on the bottle.
I have used it on all my formula stains, blood stains, grass stains, grease and a few others. I really think Whink works great!" Thank you, Stephanie. Stephanie has used Whink on old formula stains and says Whink get the old formula stains out! Wow! Anyone else like Whink?

Fresh formula Stains can be removed by using meat tenderizer and a little water. Leave on overnight. The meat tenderizer will eat away the formula, which is a protein stain. This was on Oprah. Does it work?

Dawn Dishwashing liquid and a little water removes grease stains. Leave on overnight. It is cheap too.

One of the subscribers, Patricia, says that Oxyclean removes formula stains and grease stains. Soak overnight for best results. Thanks Patricia! Oxy Clean, recommended by a subscriber can be found at Sams Club/Price Club.
It is $13.96 for 96oz of powder. You mix 2 tablespoons per 16oz. water. Worth every penny. Clothes, carpets, etc.

From Patricia: A godsend in our home is Spot Shot, which can be found at Sams Price Club. Spot shot costs $6.99 for two - 21 oz cans. Spot Shot can found in your local grocery as well. However, at the local grocery store, Spot Shot costs nearly $5 for 1 can. Spot Shot is truly the miracle of all miracles in stain removing. Stop Shop recommends using it for pet stains, laundry stains, etc. This is my favorite product and I cannot say enough about it. With 2 tots under age 2, we have plenty of messes. I have yet to find a stain it cannot match, and hope not to. Thanks, Patricia. Does anyone else like Spot Shot?

One of the subscribers, says, "TOTALLY TODDLER--Nursery Stain & Odor Remover & Prewash for clothing, diapers, carpets and more, has a Money Back Guarantee. You can buy this at Kmart or Wal-Mart. If you visit the web site, email them and ask for coupons. You can order this product by calling 1-800-448-8552 or visiting

From the same stain fighting subscriber: "OUT! International, Inc, PO Box 227215, Dallas, TX 75222-7215. Out! is an incredible product. Out! works GREAT. I use it on the entire families clothes, such as chocolate, poopy, formula, and spaghetti sauce. Just about anything "gone". I get it at WALMART, but I have also seen Out! at the Big Kmart stores." This subscriber agrees nothing truly gets out old set in formula stains. Household tips, hints and ideas to make our lives easier simple and cheaper. Get a tip hint for home, cleaning, garden, stains, beauty, washing, health, pets, kitchen, internet, children, homemaking, home repair and worklife.

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