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Terapeak coupon - Coupon for Terapeak

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Research your competition

eBay Research by Terapeak

Price your eBay Items for Success

Watch a Terapeak eBay Research Demo

Know when to sell on eBay using research

Terapeak Price Report

eBay PowerSellers use Terapeak research to keep an eye on their competition and the marketplace, and many new sellers use the research available to get a good picture of the existing market without taking unnecessary risks or creating test auctions. Terapeak has been helping eBay sellers and buyers with research for over 5 years.

How can I learn to use Terapeak?

We have a wide variety of video tutorials to help you learn how to use Terapeak's eBay Research. You will need to have Adobe Flash installed in order to view these videos.

Analyze 90 Days of eBay History

Know when to sell on eBay based on over 500 million closed listings.

Maximize your sales price, find great keywords, know what sells and more

Competitive Insight for eBay

See the products your competitors are making the most money with. Track their total sales, average price, when they are selling and much more.

Find Great Products to Sell

We analyze every category on eBay to see which products really sell. Find in demand products with high average prices that are selling 100%.

See 2 Years of Category Trends

Know the Christmas selling season better and trend any eBay category.

Trend the average price, total sales, bids per listing, and success over time.


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