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Skype coupons - Skype discounts

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SkypeOut Credit used to call traditional telephones using Skype. Available in different amounts. Often cheaper than a conventional call. Also used to buy ringtones, weemees and pictures to illustrate your personal profile.

SkypeStore Headsets, cordless phones, and video cameras for use with Skype (USA & Europe only).

Skype Voicemail Personal answering service for your Skype account. Record your own greeting, and take messages while you're away from your computer.

SkypeIn Buy a telephone number in a country and city of your choice. People can call your Skype account using a normal telephone for the cost of a local call. Up to 10 different telephone numbers can call each Skype account.

Skype for Business Small businesses can administer and allocate credit for up to 20 Skype accounts. Credit is available in greater amounts, which means more commission for you.

Business travellers call home from their hotel rooms abroad.

Travelling the world? Call Mom and Dad from any internet cafe for the cost of a local call at home.

Avoid out of state roaming charges by calling with Skype. Free yourself from high long-distance and international charges with SkypeOut. Unlimited nationwide calls - less than $3 per month 12 months of unlimited calls to any phone within the US and Canada No connection fees charged for calls to US or Canadian phones Only $29.95 for 12 months, or $8.85 for 3 months Applies only to calls made from within the US and Canada International calls - as low as 2.1 per minute 2.1 per minute to over 30 global destinations Rates based on destination country Connection fee of 3.9 charged for each call Buy Skype Credit to pay per-minute. The credits are deducted as you make your SkypeOut calls Skype Pro is a monthly subscription that lets you Pay nothing per minute for calls to landlines when you travel within 28 countries. Make international calls from your cell phone at low SkypeOut rates.

SkypeIn is your personal online number. Anyone can call you wherever you are in the world, and they only pay the standard local rate for the call. Available at 10 for 3 months or 35 for an annual membership.

SkypeOut lets you make cheap international calls to phones and mobiles at local rates for a little Skype Credit.

Skype Voicemail is the solution to never missing a call. Available at 3 for 3 months or 10 for an annual subscription.

Skype Pro is a subscription package of our best products available from 1.50 per month.

Skype Small Business Pack can slash companies' communication costs and transform the way business is done. Only 68.

3 Skypephone is a stylish mobile phone that you can use to make free Skype-to-Skype calls. No computer needed. Only 49.99.

Skype bundles are package deals comprising SkypeOut credit together with hardware accessories.

Skype hardware accessories enhance the Skype user experience. A variety of webcams, headsets and phones are available. Skype

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