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$5 off $50+ order! coupon code: CC5599 no known expiration date/may expire without notice Click here to use this coupon! is a family owned business located in Mesa, AZ; a creative oasis in the center of a sun-scorched desert.

It all began in 2001 during the downward spiral of the first internet craze. Jill Davis had raised her children and decided to spend her new-found free-time to do something big. She had been scrapbooking for over 25 years and loved it and the meaning and joy it gave her life. She decided to share her scrapbooking passion with others...and maybe turn it into a business. And so, with no outside capital and no loans, she jumped in feet first and started out of her home office, pulling 12-18 hour days, six days a week.

What a business it has become. grew into a thriving, profitable family business in the wake of the dotcom crash. It now employs Jillís three sons (a former Goldman Sachs analyst, a professional singer, and an accomplished photographer) and 30 others. Jill's story is one of passion, optimism and perseverance. The company is now the most visited scrapbooking site online and touches lives throughout the world.

Jill said, "Preserving memories is no small matter. I was driven to create an online resource that would serve scrapbookers worldwide. You can understand this feat even better when you know that I flunked my college computer class a few years before founding Through sheer determination, exhaustion and overcoming a lot of frustration I realized my dream." twitter facebook

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