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Your privacy is very important to us at

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When you provide your email address to us in order to receive our newsletter we promise we will:

(A) Never disclose it to anyone else.

(B) Never send you unsolicited emails.

(C) Use it only to email you a new newsletter once or twice a week

Links to other websites

Momsview provides links to various offers, stores and other websites in our newsletter, and other places on our website.
These other websites may request personal information from you, including your home address, email address, name, telephone and other demographic details.

Before providing such information to other websites, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of each website before providing your personal information. has no control, or influence, in the management of your personal information by other websites.

Message Board, Guestbook, and Chat room discussions

Should you choose to post personal information about yourself on our website (including your message board profile) please understand that:

(A) These areas are public forums viewable by anyone on the Internet

(B) is indexed by major search engines

(C) Information you post may be retrieved by someone using a search engine

(D) Due to the extensive effort involved, cannot remove personal information that you have chosen to post on our website.

Cookies uses cookies to make your visit more convenient. Cookies are used in the following ways on this site:

(A) To hold your Username and Password information for the Moms View message boards. This allows you to post messages to the board without re-entering this information each time.

(B) To supress the display of our Freebie Newsletter subscription popup for regular visitors to our site. This ensures that you will EVER be bothered again by the popup if you visit the site again within the next week.

While strives to protect your personal information and privacy, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of any information you voluntarily disclose online; you make such disclosures at your own risk.

Offers, freebies, and Coupons cannot and does not investigate the legitimacy, validity, legality of any item listed.
We expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability arising out of, or relating to any item listed including:

(1) The legality of the ad/offer

(2) The performance or conduct of the advertiser/merchant,

(3) Any damages or injury that may result from the ad/offer listed.

(4) The validity or expiration of coupons or special offers

Our web site and newsletter simply lists publicly available information about freebies, coupons, and trial offers.
It is the responsibility of all subscribers to individually determine the validity of the individual freebies, coupons and trial offers.

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