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Oompa Toys coupon code

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Oompa Toys

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We offer our constantly expanding collection of European wooden toys, baby toys, educational toys, jewelry, bags and modern children's furniture to urbane and discerning adults who want to expose the young children in their lives to non-character branded, quality toys that are designed to withstand generations of use. We believe baby toys should be natural, safe, non-violent and from manufacturers who provide safe and nurturing environments for their employees. We believe in fair, competitive pricing and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

The idea for Oompa Toys took hold in 2003. Early one morning I crept into my infant daughter's room and tripped on a plastic, battery-operated walker. Loud animal noises instantly blared from the seemingly innocuous toy. I had a bleeding toe and stifled some not too pleasant words. A cacophony of clucking chickens, moo-ing cows and quacking ducks would not be silenced despite my best efforts. I gladly (and somewhat vindictively), threw the walker in the trash. An electronic bovine moo'ed as I walked away.

I felt there was something unnatural about surrounding my daughter with so many disposable toys. I wondered if she dreamt of copyrighted characters or if her first words would be "Dora" or "Mickey". I wondered if she would ever learn to use her imagination. She did, after all, play with toys that with the push of a single button did and said everything for her. I donated most of the contents of her room to a local charity the next morning.

Finding replacement toys that were well designed and not covered with characters owned by publicly traded companies proved difficult. Most local stores stocked toys made of synthetic materials and finishes. Existing web sites had limited selections and poor customer service. After months of looking I began to feel the type of toys I wanted didn't exist. Finally, during a trip to Europe, I discovered a plethora of toys that were not only made of natural, beautiful materials, but objects I wouldn't mind having in my home for years. I knew other parents in the United States would appreciate these European toys and that I had to bring Oompa Toys to fruition.

My interactive agency background as a graphic designer, programmer and project manager for several Fortune 500 companies proved useful. A developer at heart, I feverishly created the first version of the Oompa Toys web site while pregnant with my second child. Inventory was warehoused in my garage. My brother and sisters generously donated evenings and weekends to help get the business up and running. Finally, with the help of my husband (co-founder of Mochila) I created the Oompa Toys brand as one of the leading online specialty toy retailers.

As a mother with relatives in a developing country, I believe toys should not only be natural and well-made, but created in humane and safe working conditions by adults and with absolutely no child-labor. I go to great lengths to ensure toys within the Oompa family do, indeed, come from safe environments. From extensive interviews with company representatives to annual onsite tours of manufacturing facilities, you can be assured that our toys come from companies who care about their employees.

Oompa Toys, founded in 2004, was a family held California corporation. In May of 2007 I moved both the company and my family to Madison, WI. Oompa Toys continues to carry a wonderful, ever expanding mix of wooden toys, baby toys, soft dolls, play food, ball tracks, play mats and other beautiful, high quality wooden toys. We offer fair and competitive prices and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let us know! Feedback (both good and bad!) will help us serve you better.

Milanie Cleere Chief Executive Officer Oompa Enterprises, Inc

Oompa Toys

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