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Save $25 off your first and second orders with NutriSystem!

Get NutriSystem today and save $50! finds NutriSystem to be the lowest priced weight loss program. ( 12-23-08)

Nutrisystem now offers All Vegetarian Meals

Nutrisystem now offers Type II Diabetes Meals

Sign up today and not only will you receive our new, free NutriSystem Nourish catalog, but you'll also gain FREE access to a whole website of health and weight loss information, tools and support services! At NutriSystem, you never pay extra for weight loss support. Join today and enjoy FREE access to: Unlimited Counseling and Support Services - The Daily Dose Weight Loss Advice - Online Newsletter - Online Classes - - Online Bulletin Boards and Chat Rooms - Online Weight Loss Diary - Nutritional Advice from Registered Dietitians -

Try our new foods at NutriSystem & eat FREE for a week.

I ate the foods I love—burgers, hot dogs, lasagna, pancakes, pot roast, meatballs—I ate five time a day, and I lost 22 pounds* with NutriSystem. - Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback.

Get 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners and 7 desserts for FREE, plus FREE shipping, with the purchase of a NutriSystem 28-Day Program with Auto-Delivery.

What is the NutriSystem® program, and why is it so effective?
The NutriSystem program is a complete, real life solution to losing weight. The easy-to-follow plan features low Glycemic Index, "good carb" NutriSystem® Nourish™ foods with optimal amounts of protein to help keep you satisfied and your blood sugar levels stable. You eat often throughout the day, and always get perfect portions with every prepackaged entrée, snack and dessert. In addition, because we know that nourishing your entire self extends beyond just what you eat, the program also includes two breakthrough plans—MindNourish™ and BodyNourish™--to help get your mind and body in gear for weight loss, too. Altogether, it's a total approach to losing weight. You lose weight while learning healthy eating habits you can use for life—all in one convenient plan. Nutrisystem catalog



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