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Founded in 1989 in Cape Town, South Africa by internationally known designer Anne Eales, the Naartjie Kids Brand, like its name, has a flavor and style all its own. From its very conception Naartjie was about KIDS…playful, vibrant, active, colorful, natural and always changing. The brand quickly attracted an international following, including members of Great Britain’s royal family, and today receives correspondence from loyal customers throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

Naartjie Kids fashions can be described as a synthesis of fashion forward styling; vivid garment dyed colors; soft, comfortable, unique fabrications; and whimsical details. The collections exude a fun, natural, active, fresh, playful and wholesome perspective on the world.

The vision for the Naartjie Kids Brand pervades every aspect of the creation of its clothing from design to choice of materials and garment construction through manufacturing and quality control. The process that creates Naartjie Kids clothing ensures that the resulting fashions are not overbuilt…always kid-friendly. The styles are rugged enough to endure long days of play, yet bright and colorful enough to reflect the playful, imaginative spirit of childhood.

Always Fresh, Naartjie Kids designs and introduces 11 new collections each year and very item we sell is uniquely Naartjie. This exclusive collection in sizes 0 to 10 years can only be found in Naartjie Kids’ online store and in our U.S. and South Africa stores and features fashion, trend and Essentials styles plus a wide array of distinct accessories from hats & headscarves to socks & shoes. All seasonal apparel and new monthly deliveries within a season coordinate allowing customers to “mix and match” garments for endless combinations and flexibility

What’s in a name…perhaps a bit of magic?

The name “Naartjie” (pronounced nar chee) is an Afrikaans word for “a small, sweet citrus fruit found in Africa”. For the Naartjie Brand it is also synonymous for a “distinctive, affordable, naturally soft, functional, kid-friendly clothing brand”.

In November of 1992 Naartjie opened its first store in the new Victoria Wharf Shopping Center in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. A tall standing vase filled with branches of tiny naartjies stood guarding the doorway when the shop opened. These had been cut from a “lemon” tree growing in the founders’ back garden.

This little tree, in spite of regularly being watered and talked to, had struggled to grow. An attempt to graft a shoot from good lemon stock onto it had almost caused it to “give up the ghost”. After rejecting this graft the little tree had to be cut back to save it. It struggled in its little corner of the back garden, overlooked for months and years as everything else grew up around it.

Then in the spring of 1992 it was covered in beautiful, scented, creamy blossoms. Some weeks before the new store was to open its doors the small tree bore its first fruit. But instead of getting bigger and gradually turning yellow, the hard little green balls became wider and fatter and turned orange.

The little “lemon” tree had decided it was time to show its true colors. It was in fact no lemon at all, but a naartjie tree.

And maybe that’s where some of the naartjie magic stems from.

Naartjie…the original name in fun clothing


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