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If you have twins or triplets check out these special offers just for you!

On Mar 08 19:08 at by Cathy thanks this information was very helpful to me but some of the number should be updated and other companies no longer have multiples birth programs

Multiple Birth Freebies - Unfortunately many of these companies are discontinuing their Multiple's Programs. Please notify us of any changes so that we may update this page.

Sample Company Letter

Dear Sir,

On May 22, 2020, my husband and I became the proud parents of triplets. We heard that your company offers special benefits for families with multiples. We would love to take advantage of this offer. Enclosed are copies of the birth certificates for our children: Jenny, Matthew, and Danny.

Thank you for your support of our family. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (555) 123-4567.


The Jones Family OshKosh B'Gosh offers the Multiplicity discount, available at our OshKosh B'Gosh retail stores, offers a 10% discount off your purchases for the multiples only. Just bring in copies of birth certificates for a one time sign up and the information will be registered for purchases for the twins. This discount is available to the parents only.

In addition, we have a Carter's Celebration Club for all of our consumers and you can register on-line at or call 888-782-9548. We will send you emails and post cards with special offers and promotions.

Diapers with Free shipping from

Enfamil - Free shipping at

Free shipping on Similac at

Tiny Love is now offering 2 for 1 for multiples. See for details. You must show proof, but can do so before birth!

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Baby Coupons for Everyone. Free Formula, Formula Coupons and more! Free Diaper Coupons! Free Baby Food Coupons!

Multiple Birth Programs - They usually ask for proof of multiple birth

Proctor & Gamble (Pampers and Luvs) 1-800-543-0480 Call their customer service representative to receive a special, one-time set of coupons for parents of twins, including 2 free jumbo diaper packs (tell them which brand), 2 tubs of wipes and 2 coupons for money off of Dreft. Ask the rep. to transfer you to their automated line for their mailing list of newsletters and coupons. Supertwins have additional offers.

For Multiples births; Beechnut twin or multiple coupon packs; 1-800-beechnut. They don't make you prove multiples unless it is quads or over. Can request coupons for twins or triplets online also.

Carnation Formula; 1-800-782-7766 (Coupons); 1-800-524-0077 (magazine, The Verybestbaby). Get the grandma's busy ordering your coupons! Free cans of formula with proof of purchase.

I have been told they don't participate. But I will keep the phone number up. If Fisher Price participates please email me at - Fisher Price; 1-800-432-Kids (1-800-432-5437) Family Registry, brochures, catalogs, coupons.

For Multiples births; Gerber, super twins program, 1800-4gerber. They don't make you prove multiples unless it is quads or over.
They will send 2 coupons, and more.
The Years require copies of the birth certificates and short letters requesting to become members of their Multiple Birth Programs.
The First Years- Call 1-800-533-6708 for information on receiving free gifts.
For Multiples births; Huggies will send diaper coupons until the babies are 24-26 months. 1-800-544-1847 Ask to be included on other reputable baby companies mailing lists. Ask if they have any free products for you.
Send a Copy of birth certificate to
Kimberly Clark Corp. Attn; Dept QMB, P.O. 2020, Neenah, WI 54957-2020

Dri Bottoms (Wal-Mart brand) 1-800-526-0914 Coupons are available upon request.

For Multiple births; Playtex will send you a coupon for a Diaper Genie for Multiple births.
Call 1-800-843-6430. They said to call back from time to time because they run certain promotions at different times of the year.
Mail the copy of birth certificate to:
Playtex Products, Inc.
In Care of Diaper Genie
600 Mondial Parkway
Streetsboro, Oh 44241
Coupons for tampons also? Checků

For Multiples births; OshKosh B'Gosh, discount for multiples. Ask local store.

For Multiples births; Sassy, Inc. You buy one get remaining multiples free for a feeding utensil set or training cup.

Triplets more only; Proctor & Gamble; free diapers triplets or more only. They give you a jumbo package of Diapers for each child. Send copy of birth certificate to Michael Hass, P.O. Box 599, Cincinnati, Oh, USA 45201

Triplets more only; Ansa Bottle Co., 1-800-527-1096

Triplets or more only; Mother's Little Miracle, 1-310-544-7125

Triplets or more only; One Step Ahead Catalog, 1-800-274-8440/1800950-9120

OshKosh B'Gosh offers the Multiplicity Club. The Club Card,
available at our OshKosh B'Gosh retail stores, offers a 10% discount
off your purchases for the multiples only. This card is not honored at
the many wonderful retailers that carry our products nor our online
store and the discount is available to the parents only.

If you have any further questions or concerns, or would like additional
product information, please feel free to contact a Consumer Affairs
Representative at 800-692-4674 or email us at
had twin girls in February. I got some hand made soft structured baby carriers from The code TWINS at checkout gives you 25% off one or basically buy one get one half off if you buy 2. The owner said the coupon is not set to expire. I don't usually wear two carriers, but I have and use 2 all of the time when I go out with my husband or friends, I just have whoever is with me strap on the other baby. (My double stroller doesn't always fit through doorways)

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