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Microwave discounts, coupons and sales

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Stores with Microwave discounts:

A microwave oven (microwave) is a kitchen cooking appliance that heats and/or cooks food with the use of microwaves. Microwave Ovens have become ubiquitous in U.S. kitchens because they save time, energy and electricity. The effect of microwaves on food was discovered in 1945 by Mr. Percy Spencer of Howland, Maine while working with magnetrons. Mr Percy noticed that a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted as a result of being exposed to microwaves. A very basic explanation of how the appliance works is: microwave ovens contain a magnetron tube which produces micro wavelength radiation and this results in the heating or cooking of food. Some types of microwave ovens are: portable, compact, built-in, medium, large, over-the-range, convection-microwave and others. Some common microwave oven features are: sensors, bi-level racks, short cut, defrost, speed cook, child lock, combination microwave-convection, grilling, browning, rotating turntables, preprogrammed settings, weight sensors, etc. It is best to always carefully follow the manufacturers instructions for your microwave. Caution should also be taken not to use metallic cookware or objects containing metal and to use cookware marked as and specifically designed for microwave use. Because of the high and uneven heat that can result, avoid heating/cooking liquids or solids intended for consumption by infants and babies. Online stores specializing in kitchen appliances and kitchen appliance departments within stores, generally have coupons, discounts, special offers, promotions, sales for a wide range of microwaves and related items.

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