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Killer Dana coupons - Killer Dana discount code

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the largest selection of boardshorts on the planet

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Killer Dana Surf Shop

Billabong at Killer Dana Surf Shop

Insane Slection of Boardshorts

The Killer Dana Surf Team keeps raising the standard for surfers year after year. As a reputable surf shop, Killer Dana is very active in the local surf culture, sponsoring events and supporting local surfers who relentlessly chase the dream. This portion of our site is a significant part of who Killer Dana is. You can live (vicariously) gnarly feral surf adventures, read about international travels, view breathtaking photos, and check the FREE StormSurf Surf Forecast. Make sure to bookmark this page- you'll want to come back for more.

Killer Dana was once considered as one of Southern California's premier point break surf spots. Situated along the coastal communities of Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente, it rose to popularity as a challenging break for a tight-knit group of surfers who relished the occasional massive rights and treacherous powerful waves that rose from deep water and broke onto the rocks that lined up the beach. Thus produced the Killer Dana namesake and reputation.

Unfortunately, Killer Dana went by way of the dinosaur and soon became extinct when the break was officially put to sleep in 1966. That summer, the Army Corps of Engineers closed the area to make room for their marine expansions that would later include the establishment of a recreational harbor.

The favored local spot that thrived playfully with wave seekers laid dormant and eerily still. And it seemed as if the legend of Killer Dana soon became just a scoffing myth.

Killer Dana opened the doors of its first shop in June, 1991 along historical Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, California. The original location was - and still is after nearly 20 years of business - within walking distance from famous beaches and has an outrageous ocean view from the store's roof top. The owners and many of the employees are 2nd and 3rd generation surfers - making Killer Dana Surf Shop deep and rich in the sport's heritage and lineage

Product mix includes:

- Boardshorts - we have the world's largest selection

- Men's Clothing - shorts, tees, fleece, pants and more from top brands

- Women's Clothing - dresses, tees, fleece and more from top brands

- Surfboards - hundreds of surfboards and surf accessories

- Wetsuits - everything to stay warm in the water including rashguards

- Footwear - loads of sandals and even a few shoes

Top selling brands include Hurley, Quiksilver, DC, Billabong, O'Neill, Reef, Sanuk

Top selling products include:

O'Neill Superfreak Boardshort

O'Neill Hyperfreak Boardshort

Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshort (22" length)

Quiksilver Eddie Poster 2010 S/S Tee

Hurley One & Only Boardshort (22" length)

Lightning Bolt Pipe Boardshort

O'Neill Grinder UE Boardshorts

O'Neill Grinder Boardshort (22" length)

DC Lanai Essential Boardshort

O'Neill Jordy Freak Boardshorts

O'Neill Superfreak Printed Boardshorts

Quiksilver Eddie Went Tee

O'Neill Clean & Mean Boardshorts (22" length)

O'Neill Triumphloral Boardshort

Quiksilver Cypher Reflex Boardshort

Hurley Phantom 60 Puerto Rico Boardshort

Billabong Big Fish Boardshort

Quiksilver Cypher Massive Boardshort

Quiksilver Eddie Anniversary S/S Tee

O'Neill Jordy Freak Boardshort

Quiksilver PB & J Boardshort

Hurley P60 Kings Road Boardshort

Hurley Bullseye Boardshort

Hurley Harbor Boardshort

Lost Psychoward 2 Boardshort

DC Lanai Essential 2 Boardshort

O'Neill Lopez Freak Boardshorts

Quiksilver Kaimana Boardshort

Hurley Phantom 60 Harmonia Boardshort

Fishworks New Camo Boardshort

Quiksilver Manic Boardshort

O'Neill Triumph Boardshorts

Lightning Bolt Cotton Pelican Boardshort

O'Neill Grinder Boardshort

Lightning Bolt Pelican Boardshort

Billabong Home Break Boardshort

Hurley Phantom 120 Boardshort (20" length)

Rusty Smoke 'Em Boardshorts

Hurley Kona Boardshort

Quiksilver Cypher Kaimana Boardshort

Killer Dana

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