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How to organize Room Closet

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How to organize Room Closet

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I am amazingly low on space! We just had a new baby and it is incredible to me how little space we have!
We have a tiny 3 bedroom house with about 1300 square feet.
One large bedroom is an office for this website. One small room is for my son, and the baby is in our bedroom.
There is no extra den or family room and no finished basement. The basement is really not water proof, so anything that goes down there might as well go into the trash.
There is a pull down attic but we don't use that, it's just too hard to get up there! I would rather throw stuff out than use that.

Our house is 100 years old and kinda like a summer cottage - so you can imagine how silly the closets are! People didn't own anthing a hundred years ago. ;)

Throw it out!
The most important rule to having any space at all is to throw out everything you think you won't use in the next year.
Why one year? Anything seasonal you will use within one year. Beyond that, you are guessing it will be useful "sometime". Trouble is, "sometime" never comes!
Don't worry, anything you throw out you'll buy again if it was really important!

I have friends who spent two thousand dollars a monthr to rent space in a storage unit!
Ridiculous! Think of how many times over they could have bought those mildowy clothes and furniture they don't like anyway.
Space is very very very very expensive. Especially in Long Island New York.
For kids I buy clothing for one or two years in advance if I see a ridiculous sale like 4 dollar polos or great pants for 5 dollars. But I probably shouldn't do that even. But what do you expect from a shopaholic anyway...

I invented a behind the door closet for baby clothes. That is how desperate I am! Behind the Door Closet

This will fall down if you put too much clothing on it! Take two adjustable tension shower curtain rods. or Two adjustable tension cafe rods.
One you adjust betweeen the back of closet and a heavy bookcase or other piece of heavy furniture.
The other rod you will use vertically to support the other rod, since the horizontal rod with fall down due to the weight of the clothes.
I also used one door stoper stick on on door jam on the bookcase and another on the molding of the back of the door to help hold up the horizontal rod. Hopefully the whole thing won't make the bookcase or furniture fall over and kill someone ;) I guess a bookcase isn't sturdy enough. Don't email me and say the thing fell and killed someone! This is free advice remember? :)

I went to and bought 10 of their extra large stacking drawers from Iris.
By stacking them in a corner of the bedroom I now have tons of space! Extra clothes go in one drawer and blankets in the other.

I put 6 of the extra large storage bins in the living room for toys:
One drawer fits all of my son's Thomas the Tank tracks.
Another extra large drawer fits all of his Hot Wheels tracks.
Another fits all the drawings from my little artist. Another draw fit all the building blocks. I stacked more baskets on top for more storage of toys. My son is playing with his toys more now he can get them and they are accessable.

I also bought under the bed organizers for my sons bed. I would buy bed risers in my room but our bed is still on the floor in case the baby falls off it. There are tons of space under a bed.

I also bought a behind the door shoe organzier from hsn to orgainze some of our shoes. We still aren't organized but I feel alittle better. Good luck. If you have more advice just email me at I am desperate for advice.

Brass Graber Adjustable Tradition Cafe Rod extend 28-48

I also got Brass adjustable graber cafe rods from Ebay to make a closet out of a unused shower in the downstairs bathroom.

I also got the stick on door stops - "RV Motorhome Door Stop and wall protector " to help hold the cafe rods and tension shower curtains on Ebay too.

Also had 16 1/2" Chrome Hangers sold in a Set of 8 (About a dollar a hanger) that won't rip you clothes like the free metal hangers you get from the dry cleaners. These chrome hangers are thin too. sells Classico Over toliet Tank Magazine Rack - Chrome by InterDesign® to get your magazines off the floor in the bathroom. sells If you have more advice just email me at and I'll add any great advice I receive to this page!

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