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GO SMiLE's mission is to create and care for beautiful white smiles for everyone with innovative products that are pleasantly indulgent, highly-effective, fast, and easy to use. Our latest whitening innovation, Smile Whitening Light, combines LED technology with our patented Whitening Ampoules to achieve your best whitening results ever, in the shortest amount of time! GO SMiLE scientists were very careful about what kind of light to use and chose LEDs for their safety and effectiveness. They knew that heat, or very short wavelengths of light, could provide a great deal of energy. However, both can damage living tissue, cause pain, and can even destroy the nerves and pulp of teeth. Some whitening lights contain UV light - the same wavelength that can cause skin damage. It's very important to choose the correct wavelength of light that will work safely! Smile Whitening Light has been scientifically engineered to provide the best, exclusive combination of safe light wavelengths for tooth whitening. It accelerates the whitening process without generating a damaging level of heat or radiation. Rather than providing just one color of light, these LEDs were selected to emit a broader range of the appropriate wavelengths. This leads to maximum absorption by the formula and efficient acceleration of whitening. Smile Whitening Light is a scientifically engineered, patent-pending design to efficiently illuminate the entire "smile zone", and the energy-efficient LED bulbs will work for thousands of hours. Smile Whitening Light optimizes the performance of Whitening Ampoules, so you can get whiter teeth in just one sitting, safely, comfortably, and effectively! GO SMiLE

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