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Eat Until You're Full

Before I go any further, you deserve a HUGE pat on the back for considering the beFull Solution. Youíre taking control and being your own agent. I canít emphasize enough how much I want to be here for you, as part of your support system. Besides my years as a Bariatric Surgeon, having performed over 2,500 operationsóIíve made this weight-loss journey myself. Iím committed to working with you to assure your success and Iíll be here every step of the way. Why not make one of your favorite foods your first Fullbar or Fullbites meal? Turn it into a kick-off celebration. You are truly on your way to living ďthe Full Life!Ē

In working at a nationally recognized Bariatric Center of Excellence Dr. Michael A. Snyder came to realize that there was a gap in what he could provide to people. Sure, he was performing surgery on patients who had severe obesity, but he was forced to turn many people away who didnít qualify for surgery. He felt uneasy turning away so many people that needed his help, so he decided to create a solution inspired by the principles of weight-loss surgery. Fast-forward 5 years and over 50 formula changes later! Together with a food scientist, Dr. Snyder created Fullbar, which was inspired by weight-loss surgery to make people feel Full so they eat less. With Fullbar being the starting point for a product line that promotes fullness, Dr. Michael Snyder is now making it easy for thousands of people to feel full and eat less by developing the latest innovations in fullness.

Dr. Michael A. Snyder founded Fullbar, LLC as a company dedicated to improving the quality of peoples lives and helping them achieve their weight-loss goals. Dr. Snyder also continues to perform weight-loss surgeries daily. At Fullbar LLC we are dedicated to simplifying weight-loss by helping people feel full so they eat less. Our mission is to help people reach their weight-loss goals so they can lead a Full Life.

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