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Free trials are a common promotional method used by software developers to promote and increase sales for their products.
Why would a software developer "give away" a free trial of their software? In many cases, the software provided in the trial is a fully functional version of the full product!
The software developer knows that many people are "put off" by the high upfront cost of their products when the consumer is not even sure that the
product will fulfill its promised features and usefulness. By offered a fully functional trial the developers hope that the end user will become "hooked"
on using their product and become invaluable to the consumer. At that point the consumer will be more than ready to pay the "registration fee" to continue
using the software. Antivirus software pioneered this technique by negotiating with computer manufacturers to include trial verisons of their products on
new computers. In recent years this practice has resulted in new computer users finding dozens of types of essentialy useless software installed on the
"new" computers. While including all these "free trials" on new systems has soured many users to even trying this software, it has resulted in software
manufacturers "bribes" being passed on the consumer in the form of reduced prices for new computers.
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