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Focus28 is your source for high-protein diet foods & plans. Looking to lose weight, improve your health, or build muscle? Focus28 will help you gain focus and reach your goals! Focus28 Diet foods provide 10-15 grams of the highest quality protein, low carbohydrates, taste appeal, portion control, energy and convenience! All of our food labels disclose full nutritional information per each serving. (See Focus28 Nutritional Information.) Donít do a diet half-way. Impress the world with the new glamorous or hunky you! Get the most out of your exercise program by eating right with Focus28. Discover the warm, satisfying taste of Focus 28 soups, the cool refreshing taste of Focus 28 cold drinks, our rich and creamy puddings and shakes, our warm and creamy hot drinks. They make for a quick and tasty meal or snack on either clear liquid or full liquid diets. They are versatile products whose mix of slow digesting proteins delivers lasting hunger satisfaction. Our variety pack is a great way to sample some of our great tasting products.

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