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Evil Controllers coupons - Evil Controllers coupon code

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Modded Controllers - Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers is a Tempe, Arizona-based company that specializes in custom modded Xbox 360 controllers designed to enhance game play for a variety of different game genres.The company takes advantage of the fact that computers are programmable, coming up with modified video game controllers that have the power to turn single shot and semi-automatic weapons into full automatic weapons. Through innovative design and ergonomic upgrades tailored for specific types of games, Evil Controllers provides gamers with custom controllers that best fit their needs. Here at Evil Controllers we are working hard every day to bring you the ultimate controllers to give you an edge on your competition. As long as video games have been around, competition has always been a factor keeping us striving to be the best. From the hours upon hours of Halo, to the competitive play in Pong, gamers will continue to compete. As video games continue to release, our modded controller section will continue to expand. We have several projects for the near future, so make sure to check back frequently. You can also stay in the loop by adding yourself to our newsletter. Thank you for visiting Evil Controllers, Where Good Controllers Go Bad!
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