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Email to confirm these Ebay Coupons worked for you. and email your ebay coupon and I will put them up for everyone to use. Thanks. - HOT! - coupons

Want to win EVERY Ebay auction you enter and NOT overpay?

Free Shipping on over 2 million items!
Use this eBay offer!

Free Shipping on over 2 million items!
Use this eBay offer!

Ebay Canada Coupons

Watch items, then later decide if you really want it.

You can also search by location and look at the stuff father away from you so you don't have to pay tax.

How to buy a diamond ring on Ebay. "< Search for Diamond ring 3. " " or 4. " within $2,000 and $6,000 You can make an offer of 1/2 off what they want on much of it and begin negiotiation. The way to get a good deal is not to worry if you lose and item (especially when there are 20 just like it for the same price or less. Many times they have the same ring listed 10 times so don't worry about losing it. The way to get a good price is not to worry about losing it. You should be able to get a nice ring for your budget. Take your ring to a jeweler and get it checked our when you get it. Only buy from 100% or close to it positive reviews. Only buy from stores that sell lots of Jewelry. Buy with a credit card or Paypal. When every you buy jewelry from anywhere it is a gamble.

How to buy clothing from Ebay. Buy NWT or Nwot (new without tag) and your size. Get the designer you love. Your are all set to get your clothes for 1/4 off!

Use the advanced search in Ebay. You can search auctions with one or two bids in Jewely or anything (interesting idems that others find a good deals) Fabulous time saver. I use for free to snipe my Ebay auctions for free.

Search for coupons on to buy coupon for stores on

Most Paypal accounts may only work with the 10% code, but some accounts work with the dollar-off codes.

I heard some codes may work with only "Buy It Now" purchased items, while other codes may work with any item at

Unfortunately the only way to see if a coupon works is to buy something. However we have heard of many people who had success with these codes.

The instructions on how to use this promotion:
Shop for items where Pay Pal is accepted.
Bid or Buy It Now using your eBay User ID.
Pay using your Pay Pal account.
Enter your redemption code when paying for your eBay item.
Good for one item only and discount applies to the item price only, not including shipping, handling, or taxes.
How to buy Jewelry on Ebay from

If you are considering buying diamonds on eBay then you should prepare beforehand. Buying diamonds online can be tricky so do some research about diamonds before you begin the bidding process. For example: be familiar with cut, carat, clarity, color, certified diamonds, appraised diamonds. Know also the terms: HPHT, CVD, CZ, Simulated and Moissanite because if you want a genuine diamond avoid any item that contains any of these terms or abbreviations. If you know the basics of what to look for when purchasing diamonds in general, that same knowledge will apply to eBay diamond purchases. Always read and re-read the description carefully, print it out and review it at your own pace. If you want more information, ask by clicking the "Ask seller a question" link under the seller's profile. Carefully check the sellers feedback and be aware that a high percentage of good feedback can be misleading. For example, high volume sellers can have a high feedback score even if their merchandise and service are actually low standard. To ensure that your purchase is safeguarded always pay by a Credit Card that offers buyer fraud protection or with PayPal which also offers buyer protection. Avoid paying with a Debit Card. NEVER pay for a purchase using any form or method of Instant Cash Wire Transfer Service.

How to buy Diamond from Ebay

Ebay coupon rules


Sell it on eBay. Ship it with U.S. Postal ServiceŽ. eBay and the U.S. Postal Service are happy to offer you FREE co-branded shipping boxes for Priority MailŽ and Priority Mail Flat Rate Service. These boxes will be delivered directly to your home at no cost to you.

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Ebay coupons for select stores or departments

Ebay coupons

Ebay Motors listing coupon

Ebay Motors coupon $10 off

Ebay Fall Coupon Event - Savings up to 40% for a limited time: Small Appliances, Adult/children/Pet Halloween Costumes, Yard Tools/Equipment, Camera & Photo, GPS, Smartphone Accessories, Tech Accessories and others! BE SURE to copy the green coupon code on the right side of the item & save it to use at checkout, expires 9.30.10

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