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I need Help on finding a certain poem

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive November 2006: I need Help on finding a certain poem
By Brandy on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 - 05:16 pm:

It's about Heaven and a mansion well those are some of the words in it...i've went through some of the poems online and my husband said no of them were it..please help = )

By Dawnk777 on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 - 06:25 pm:

The Mansion of Heaven

This world, however beautiful, was never meant to be
The place that we would call our home for all eternity.
And though we would not choose to leave, a loving
God knows best, and in His time,
He lifts us to a place of peace and rest,
For He has built a mansion where
His children will abide, free from pain and sorrow,
Forever at His side.
He said Heíd never leave us to face our trials alone,
And though sometimes we fail Him, He never fails His own.
And even when our choices are less than He would ask,
He knows when human courage is unequal to the task.
We cannot judge what happens,
Though tears and questions start Ė
We only see whatís visible Ė God sees into the heartÖ..

And though there may be many things that we cannot explain,
We can be sure it breaks His heart to see His childrenís pain.
In loving arms, He bears us to a quiet place apart
Where He mends the wounded spirit
And heals the broken heart.
And though these one we love so much
Have left our present sight, and passed into a
Better world of majesty and light,
Someday weíll be together in our Fatherís home above,
Where weíll thank Him for His mercy
And praise Him for His love.

Is this it?

By Brandy on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 - 10:12 pm:

my husband said that's not it = ( i'm sorry

By Brandy on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 - 10:14 pm:

he said it's like the individual is explaining heaven...

By Emily7 on Thursday, November 9, 2006 - 03:51 pm:

Son of God, sun of light

Whatever makes you shine so bright ?

It may be the elements up above,

Or it may be God, sending down His love.

I think I know, for I can see,

The Heavenly father, with a child on His knee.

And as I looked up at the sky

The stars all seemed to ask me why,

Why people fight, and hate, and lust,

When all God wants, is love, and trust.

If we have faith, and love our Master,

He will save us, from disaster.

He will walk us down the path,

Away from all the devils wrath.

Where all the streets are paved with gold,

And the Lord accepts, both young, and old.

If we have no fear, and confess our sin,

A mansion, in Heaven, we will win.

Poem written


Mary Baker


Heaven Comes To Me

by M. Elliot

Away, beyond the darkened skies,
A place shines ~ bright as day;
Shielded, now, from earthly eyes,
Yet accessed when we pray ...

A place where joy and happiness,
Complete, so sweet abound ~
Where angels dwell; we will as well,
With fellowship all around.

Streets of gold, they do exist.
A mansion waits for me.
My name's already on the door,
Created lovingly.

Beauty, such we've never seen,
Peace, in everything,
Envelops us upon this shore;
A gift from Heaven's King.

We toil now, continue on,
Knowing we will see
The One who came so to proclaim
The news that we are free.

We work and play, and fellowship,
And gather while we can;
Encouraging one another
So, together, we may stand.

Hearts not silent with His love,
Yet, shout the message clear;
Testifying, with our lives,
The Love of God is near.

And I won't wait for Heaven's gate.
Rather, it can be
When here, on earth, I share His worth.
Then, Heaven comes to me.

I've Gone Home

Iíve gone home to see my Father,
Iíve gone home, so donít you cry
Iíll be waiting for you in Heaven,
In my mansion prepared on high.

No more sickness, no more sorrow,
No more pain, and no more grief.
Iíve gone home to be with Jesus
Though my sojourn here was brief.

Iíve gone home to live in Heaven
With all the blessed saints of old,
Here with Abraham and David
To stroll through streets of gold.

Iíve gone home to be in Heaven
Where thereís no sadness, and no night.
There is joy and peace unending,
In this blissful land of light.

But thereís something else more beautiful,
So precious, beyond this crystal sea,
As I wander through realms of glory
I find my Saviour walks with me.

Iíve gone home to be in Heaven,
Though you miss me, and tears abound,
Just keep believing in Godís promises,
And listening for that trumpet sound.

Because one day in Godís timing
When the Lord calls out your name
Look to the skies in awe and wonder -
Weíll see each other again.

August 1st, 2000
Jerry Bouey

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