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What did Santa bring to YOUR house this year ?

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: What did Santa bring to YOUR house this year ?
By ~harlena on Friday, December 26, 2008 - 01:12 am:

OK - so what did Santa bring to you .... ?

The munchkins did very well, a wii arrived, caught them totally off guard !

Hubby seemed pleased with his presents (although one, a tool-chest-thing has to be picked up at Sears after the 31st, he didn't seem to mind, thankfully !)

Even the dogs were happy with their bones !

Here's a funny one for you though ..... hubby got me a Victoria's Secret giftcard (WOW !) so when I opened another package and saw a small Macy's bag taped together and wrapped up (talking present-wrapping-overkill here !) I started to get excited, can anyone say "small and sparkly ?" .... inside was a package of think socks .... hahahaha ! True, I've been raiding hubby's socks lately, yes I've been desperate because his socks are QUITE a bit big for me, he has a man's size 12-13 and I wear a size 7 ... SO either he's being incredibly helpful here or he wants me to lay off his sock drawer !!!!! hahahaha !

What about ya'll ?

By Marie on Friday, December 26, 2008 - 07:28 am:

my kiddos did very good also. We also got a Wii which they were convienced they were getting one because we just couln't find one. Dh and I agreed not to exchange gifts this year because we bought a laptop well dh didnt listen to the agreement. he bought me a box of Chocolates and a bottle of perfume that was a suprise but I told dh that he didn't listen to our agreement and he said they weren't from him. they were from Santa. but all in all it was a very nich Christmas.

By Feona on Friday, December 26, 2008 - 07:52 am:

I got a digital photo frame loaded with all the pictures from our digital camera.

I think it took dh a quite a few hours to figure it out and he had to order special something or other to finish it.

Anyway, everyone was enjoying the pictures. I was taken away when I saw pictures of the children when they were little.

I love this gift. I had actually won it quite a while ago but it was so difficult to get the pictures. I think this was the best item I ever got ever. Though getting my porch painted was nice too. (years ago)

Except now I was a huge one. And I want to hang it on the other wall like a tv. Like a 17 inch photo frame. I think I would love it. I got pictures all over the downstairs. ( dust me please feona)

Now he know how to do it he can easily make one for his sister and his mom and my mom. It was very hard for him to finish it. But now he knows how to do it. He said he can scan some pictures in. I think for my birthday I want him to scan the wedding pictures in.

If we had not won it we probably could have went to the store and had them help us.

The kids seemed to enjoy their presents. I think they just like getting anything...

DS who is 3 got the new Elmo that sort of talks and dances and tells jokes. I think he is called Elmo Live or something. My husband got a kick out of how realistic it was like a Disney World. I thought it was cute too.

Ds who is eight got lots of science stuff. The thing he was playing with yesterday was the air hockey that plays on anywhere and a sort of special light that you can write secret message on things. He got a compass that he was playing with magnets.

We had the moms over and they got Channel number 5 perfume and easy to put on watches.

My son gave me a keychain which was lovely too. He gave me cute tin necklace last year that was lovely.

By Momofmax on Saturday, December 27, 2008 - 09:51 am:

We also enjoyed our presents. Ds got an ipod docking station, Heelys, some wii games, some books, and a San Diego Chargers watch and football. Dh got me a purple ipod, a pedicure set from Bath & Body Works (which I really wanted), a gift card for really nice sunglasses, slippers, the book Twilight and a few other things. Our anniversary is Dec. 17 and he got me a beautiful string of pearls. Dh got some pants and tools. He really didn't want anything because he got a flat screen tv a few months back. Dh and ds played a trick on me. They wrapped the ipod in a large box that had held that canned squeeze cheese. They put a can of that cheese on top of lots of tissue wrapping paper to make me think that they were just giving me cheese. The ipod was under all the tissue paper. Ds couldn't wait for me to open it - he laughed sooo hard along with me!

By ~harlena on Saturday, December 27, 2008 - 04:31 pm:

that sounds funny, a gift with a side of humor, hahaha !

My kiddos are all still playing with their "stuff" .... I'm always worried that they'll be bored with it, or hear that so-and-so got something else, and wish he/she had asked for that, etc .... I know, way too much worrying, but that's me !

Oldest two are still playing with the wii. Although 15yr old DID go to a neighbor friend's house today to play basketball, he learned pretty quickly that it's not a good idea to play basketball with crocs on, he came home a little while later wiht a gash in his big toe, because his crocs had flown off and he kept on running, scraping the top and side of his toe .... ew ! I'm sure it's more painful than it is ugly, but it is an UGLY scrape !

Dh just took 10yr old to get batteries for his Nerf Vulcan thing .... he'd taken the batteries out of Dh's whack-you-upside-of-the-head-flashlight (you know the huge mag light ? so named after a true story, the gist of which is in the name !) So, I guess they actually went out to get replacement batteries for the mag-light.

Dh spent a couple of hours today figuring out how to change cd files into mp3 files to load onto Dd's touch-screen mp3 player.

Tomorrow we go out of town again, not too far, but we'll celebrate with my mil and Dh's brother & sister ..... m-i-l was too sick for us to come over on Christmas Day SO .... tomorrow it is. More celebrating for the kiddos !!!!

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