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Crazy Christmas traditions

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Crazy Christmas traditions
By Imamommyx4 on Thursday, December 25, 2008 - 12:27 pm:

This is kind of silly. I was just sitting here thinking about stuff. Do you have any unusual Christmas traditions?

We started a tradition a couple of years ago that I really like. It started by accident but we're keeping it going. We get up, open presents, and play with stuff. We have breakfast and play or sleep some more. Then we have lunch at this Chinese place not far from here and go to a Christmas Day released movie. I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both for 3 years. Then 2 years ago I finally got Christmas Day off. I was tired and didn't feel like cooking so we went to the Chinese place. Then last year I thought it was so fun the previous year that I suggested a repeat and everybody agreed. So this year everybody has already been asking what movie we are going to see and what time are we eating. I haven't had Chinese in a fe weeks so I'd be ready for it. I've had a 2 parties in my home and then had family over on top of that. I've cooked for the 2 parties and then fixed Christmas dinner on Sunday when my family came over. I'm so excited to not have to cook today.

By ~harlena on Friday, December 26, 2008 - 12:45 am:

Sounds good to me, we don't do Chinese on Christmas, but I'm sure the kiddos would like it ... however many MANY years we've gone to see a movie on both Christmas and/or New Year's ... this year the kiddos wanted to see Bedtime Stories (hope that's the name of it) we didn't make it today, but hopefully we'll make it before the end of Christmas break, maybe New Year's Day even !

By Feona on Friday, December 26, 2008 - 08:08 am:

We ordered from Chinese too. I was sick and ds was sick and we invited the whole family here. I had planned to order anyway, my thumb is damaged and I can't make big feast anymore. Not worth wrecking my thumb further. The grandma's didn't care what they ate.

I couldn't see cancelling on the grandmothers. I was out to lunch though. I straightened up the house alittle and it wore me out. Chinese food was nice and fresh though.

The grandma's get the see their grandsons and they were over the top about it. I like the movie idea for old kids though.

My sister in law and husband got caught in traffic so they should see everyone today.

I hope we didn't get the grandmas sick. One is 84 and the other is 80. We never visit them when we are sick but it was Christmas so I thought it was worth the risk.

Ds who is three was a mess yesterday. His whole face was red from dripping. He is going to the doctor again. He had walking pnemonia but I thought he was getting better.

I think I got more germs at the place I was taking piano lessons from.... That is all I can think of. I forgot to wash my hand after playing the communial piano.

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