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Dyson revisited

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive October 2007: Dyson revisited
By Crystal915 on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 10:43 pm:

I'm looking at buying a Dyson, and can't really see much difference in the models other than price. So, I figured this would be the best place to ask!! How many of you own a Dyson? What model do you have? How long have you had it, and do you think it is worth the price? I currently have a cheap Bissell, it still works, but not well. With 2 cats, I want something that picks up cat hair, and all the messes kids make. Any advice appreciated!!!

By Tsa on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 11:19 pm:

Look for coupon codes online. I recently saw one for $100 off a Dyson. I don't have a dyson, so no advice there. Happy Shopping

By Jewlz on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 01:09 am:

i have the animal dyson and its 4 years old ... we had a labrador dog and he shedded bad ... and it worked great then we paid about 350 and its worth it aunt had been using a 4 hundred dollar one she got at sears ..and i tole her to buy a dyson she said why ... i said cuz theres a dfference ..hes had died and she was usin her daughters they took turns one vaccuumed on even days .. anyways she went got a dyson and now her daugher owns one too ..they ahve cats and dogs and love the dyson and swear by them

By Imamommyx4 on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 09:05 am:

My Dyson is a 2 year old animal. I still love it and I still think it was worth the $400 we paid. I may never buy another vaccuum. We have always had pets and right now it's 2 dogs, a cat and a hamster. Although the hamster doesn't shed much, she does shoot that bedding out into the floor. :) It's great.

By Vicki on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 09:08 am:

I have the Dyson DC14 Animal and I LOVE it. It picks up pet hair better than anything I have ever had. I have even had some fairly expensive cleaners in the past and will buy another Dyson if this ever dies in a heart beat. I think I have had it about 3 to 4 years now??? The animal was designed for pet hair and from what I read at the time, was the one suggested if you had pets and hair to deal with. I am sure there are new ones out by now though.

By Karen~admin on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 09:25 am:

Try looking here for codes:

By Andi on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 10:51 am:

I have the Dyson animal and I'm totally UNimpressed. I have to vacuum two time a day because I have a Rottweiler and a long hair cat. I've had it for almost 2 years years now and my Kenmore was a much better Vacuum. I don't think it's worth the money they charge for it.

I had mixed reviews from friends. Some LOVED it and some felt like I do. I wanted it so bad that I ignored what some friends said and bought it anyway.

Sorry, wish I could be more positive about it. :)

By Conni on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 01:18 pm:

hmmm, I have a $39 little vacuum from Wal-Mart that I hate but am too cheap to replace. I was thinking about getting the Dyson Animal some day when I win the lottery. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe I should just upgrade to a Dirt Devil?? :) ack!! $400 is a lot of money!!

By Vicki on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 03:21 pm:

I don't know Conni, I would give it a try. I have had a Rainbow, a Kirby and a Oreck and I would take my Animal over any of them. I bought mine locally so that if I wasn't impressed, I could easily return it. I came home and did what I thought was a very good job on a room with my old sweeper and then used the Dyson DC14 Animal was was grossed out by the amount of cat fur and other things it picked up. The other one went in the trash! LOL If you ever get one (when you hit the lottery) get it locally so that you can take it back if your not impressed! But I wouldn't write it off just yet. Oh heck, you won't need one anyway, if you win the lottery, your maid might bring one. LOL

By Dana on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 06:19 pm:

I bought the one w/ the ball. I HATE IT! First, the entire unit just feels cheap from the plastic it is made of. The cord is a cheap cord that does't put away nicely. Thicker cords do much better. The cord is WAY TOO SHORT! The handle with the round circle grip is rediculous. It kills my wrist and hurts that tender spot between my thumb and first finger. I even get some sort of shock. Not sure it is actually electrical or it hits a nerve between my thumb and finger, but I don't like it.

The way it is made to go from floor to hose is really cheaply designed. The plastic piece that moves to cover the opening doesn't fit snuggly and makes the WORST high shrill whistle. As for doing a good job, I can't tell the difference for the price. I have a Kirby that I keep at our little mobile home and I can tell it picks up. It's just too big and bulky for me to use everyday around the house everytime the kids drop cereal or whatever.

I have heard great things about the Animal and would take a look at it. But I really hate the cord and the whistle sound on mine and would not buy another if the Animal is the same.

By Bellajoe on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 06:46 pm:

I have the original yellow one and I LOVE IT. I have had it for about 3 years maybe. It's the best. I love that I don't have to use the bags. It's so easy to take it off the vacuum and dump it in the garbage. I vacuum at least twice a week. We don't have any pets and don't wear our shoes indoors, so you would think the carpet wouldn't be very dirty. I empty it, and then vacuum and can not believe the amount of dirt it picks up!! It's gross! But at least I know it works well! It is a lot of money for a vacuum, but i'm glad I splurged on it. It's very easy to handle, works very well!

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