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Gift ideas?

Moms View Message Board: General Discussion: Archive October 2007: Gift ideas?
By Christylee on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 10:59 pm:

I have a friend (a male friend), we've been friends since 1994 off and on. Throughout the years our relationship has taken many different roles because of the place our lives were at the time. Here recently with me being single again and him being single our relationship has moved to a new level, we've begun spending more time together (at least once a week), make contact with each other some way (whether it be by phone, text mesg, or email) at least once a day even if it's just to say hi and have a good day.

His birthday is next Tuesday (10/9) and I'm at a loss as what I should do? I don't have a lot of money to spend really but want to do something. I had thought about using a weekend away package I have for this coming weekend but not sure our relationship is ready for that. I've thought about sending a plant or balloons to his work but his hours are really odd and I'm not sure what time I should send them, then i thought about getting a gift card from Barnes and Nobles (he likes to read and the music there) but I really wanted something a little more personal.

Any thoughts or ideas?

By Yjja123 on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 11:29 pm:

How about inviting him over for a birthday dinner cooked by you?

By Vicki on Monday, October 1, 2007 - 08:07 am:

I was also going to suggest a birthday dinner or a small cake/ice cream kind of thing.

By Bobbie~moderatr on Monday, October 1, 2007 - 08:51 am:

I was thinking a dinner too.. Great minds think a like...

Maybe at his house even, some where that it can be just the two of you. Dinner and a DVD. Some one on one time, so you can both be casual and talk, just the two of you. It is my experience, the only way to find out where things might be going is to do things one on one because I think you can get a feel from the other person when the only focus is the two of you. Basically, if he is a buddy, you will feel it or if he might be looking for more then you will feel that too...

If dinner at one of your houses is out, what about a picnic at a local park, it is still warm enough. Like I said, a one on one. So that you two are the only focus and you might be able to share with each other on a deeper level than if you have a few people around.. And you can pull it off for little money.. Buy a cup cake and put a candle in it and sing him happy birthday.. LOL

To me a simple dinner, sitting across from each other would be a more personal and "special" gift. And it would give the two of you time to connect on a one on one (there I said it again) bases.. LOL

Sounds fun and I hope something good comes of this.. You deserve it.. ***Christy***

By Tunnia on Monday, October 1, 2007 - 10:58 am:

Another vote for a nice, home-cooked dinner for two complete with birthday cake or his favorite dessert! It won't break the bank and is a very thoughtful, meaningful gift. If you want to give him a little something to unwrap after dinner, pick out a movie that he would like and then you can watch it together.

By Emily7 on Monday, October 1, 2007 - 12:16 pm:

I also think that a nice dinner would be nice.

By Crystal915 on Monday, October 1, 2007 - 12:33 pm:

The dinner sounds like a great idea!! Rent a movie, and enjoy some adult time!! Have fun, Christy!!!

By Tsa on Monday, October 1, 2007 - 11:14 pm:

I think dinner sounds great but I also like to have a little something for them to open. What about picking up a book from Barnes and Noble or a "cool" CD. Any other hobbies he has? Any inside jokes from the past you could play on? It doesn't have to be much.

By Christylee on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - 12:02 am:

Thanks ladies, I'm not much of a cook so maybe I'll take him out to dinner. When we cook in it's usually him that cooks, lol... Keep the ideas coming! Thanks!

By Bobbie~moderatr on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - 10:39 am:

If you can't cook, do carry out. Dinner alone will be better, than dinner at a restaurant. More personal..

is there something he likes? is into?

By Wandilu on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - 09:38 pm:

Ditto on the one on one time together. Since you all have a history, do you have any pictures of the two of you from the past that you could put together.I think he would enjoy that, especially if you have any funny ones.

By Yjja123 on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 - 05:18 pm:

I remember when I first started dating hubby. On his birthday, I bought take-out meals from Red Lobster. I had him over for a romantic dinner. I made him a birthday cake. His gift was a movie that we promptly watched after dinner. It was a lot nicer than going out (and more romantic!)

By Kaye on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 - 08:31 pm:

What about a picnic dinner to somewhere like battleship park? You could do this inexpensively and it is a little quieter than in a restruant. You can even pick up nice sandwiches from panera. You can order a great dessert from many restruants. If you have an ipod and some speakers you can take some music. The weather would be perfect for it.

As for an actual gift...hmmmm I will say that my hubby is not as romantic as I am, just the fact that I remembered and made a big deal of it is great for him.

What about a game of sorts..that you could play outside. I will have to think of ideas of games, but you know something like a trivial pursuit of getting to know you. you could even make this up yourself.

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