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South Beach Diet

Moms View Message Board: Let's Get Fit! (Weight Loss Support Group): South Beach Diet
By Cat on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - 10:05 am:

Okay, I'm on day three. It is working. I'm much less bloated (could be that I'm not PMSing this week, lol) and I have dropped a few pounds so far. I'm not exactly sure what I started at Monday morning because I didn't dig out my scale until yesterday (wasn't packed in a box--just sitting on top of one). Like I said in another post, to me this is very much like the Atkins diet, except I get two servings of milk a day and can eat all the approved veggies I want. I know low carb works for me, but it is very hard. I'm a comfort eater. I recognize that. When I'm stressed there's nothing more I want to do than sit down with some chocolate, popcorn or other munchie. I'm pretty stressed right now, but havn't cheated. OH, how I want to! lol Between the dogs and all the kids this morning I'm ready to snap. So I've come here to vent instead of eat. I'm doing great with my water so that helps. One thing I do notice is I'm SUCH a crabby you know what the first few days of low carb eating. I know it will pass, but my poor family! lol Maybe I should go into seclusion for a few days! :) Hey, at least dh hasn't gotten on my nerves this morning! rofl I just need to make it through the next few days and I should be fine. I'll keep you updated on my progress with this (South Beach diet). That last 10lbs I've been trying to get rid of for the past few years has some friends that need to go now, too. I'd now like to lose 15lbs (from today's weight). My goal is still 135lbs. We'll see how it goes.

By Debbie on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - 10:17 am:

{{{Cat}}} I have heard good things about the South Beach diet. It is much healthier then Atkins. I just can't do low carb. I have tried and tried. I am so crabby, dh can always tell when I cut out carbs. I have really good results with just not eating carbs after 3pm, that is what I am doing now.

I did 3 miles on my treadmill this morning. I am going to do some weights this afternoon. I ate well yesterday and drank tons of water. My Dad is retiring in June and there is a big retirement party for him. I would like to be in great shape by then.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

By Paulas on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - 12:48 pm:

I've been on/off the wagon for a few weeks now. I've been exercising okay but my eating hasn't been what it should be. Yesterday I ate WAY too many licorice. So today I I really want to eat that? In a month will it be important that I had that potato chip? Will I remember it or would I rather see the results of not eating it.

It's working for this minute anyway. My goals for this week:

No more eating after 7

I don't know if I'll make it to the gym today or not but I have my step/ball class tonight so I'll go to that. I went to the gym last night and did 2 miles. I wish I had a treadmill at home but we can't justify the expense right now.

By Cat on Thursday, April 20, 2006 - 11:09 am:

Great job on the treadmill yesterday, Debbie. You'll look great at your dad's retirement no matter what. :)

How'd it go yesterday, Paula? Did you make it to the gym? Sometimes I wish I had a treadmill at home, too, but I'm sure it'd just be a dust collector. lol

Karate was a good workout last night. I was really tired (no carbs=no energy!) but still did my best. The scale wasn't kind to me this morning. :( I'm not going to give up, though. Just a minor setback. I probably won't get any exercise in today besides packing things in boxes. Maybe we'll lift some heavy stuff. :)

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