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Walking in the cold

Moms View Message Board: Let's Get Fit! (Weight Loss Support Group): Walking in the cold
By Paulas on Saturday, December 17, 2005 - 08:54 pm:

I'm wondering how to motivate myself to go walking each morning when it is -30C outside. I know I should just bundle up and suck it up but it's so tough.

For those of you who walk regularly, how do you motivate yourselves to keep it up in the winter???

By Reds9298 on Sunday, December 18, 2005 - 08:47 pm:

Sorry I can't be of much's hard for me to get motivated to walk on the treadmill inside, but I'll walk outside anytime! I wish I could walk outside in the winter, but with dd that's just not possible.

Hmmm...maybe look forward to a hot cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate (whichever you prefer) when you get back???

Or a hot bath.....nice!

By Feona on Monday, December 19, 2005 - 07:24 am:

I can walk comfortablely at 25 degree F. I bought some fleece pants(imagine you legs in a fleece coat) think north face or equivalent from Marshalls. Fleece and regular coat. Tall socks - ski socks. I got some tall socks from llbean - 1/2 cotton. Scarf - hat - gloves. My hat has a brim to help with the sun. Ski brim hat.( Sun glasses. I got a sony radio from pc richards. Talk radio... Love it....(distraction) But if it is windy then I can't do it.

I also like a fleece muffler or ski gaitor for the neck instead of a scarf. or with a scarf. It is like a snuggish circle thing for your neck. Used for skiing.

I like fleece gloves for cold days. I got alot of winter stuff at rei and sierra tradding post. and classic closeouts last year.

If it is really cold you can try walking in a one piece ski outfit. Those are warm. You can try a ski mask on you face or those things that totally cover your face. Bring one extra in case it gets wet. I think they sell just the lower half face mask too.

I also walk past a deli and have a cup of tea too sometimes.

I don't like walking on a treadmill.

I feel sick right now if I don't walk. (7 month prego) I just got back from a walk.. Only a half a hour. My stomach is starting to hurt if I walk to much. Bummer....

If you have any cold weather walking tips I am interested in hearing them.

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