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Lost another 1/2 a pound - total 5 pounds...

Moms View Message Board: Let's Get Fit! (Weight Loss Support Group): Lost another 1/2 a pound - total 5 pounds...
By Feona on Friday, July 25, 2003 - 05:43 am:

I was reading Atkin for age control. He recommended eatting fish twice a week. Sounds good....

I have been reading some of atkin's books and I actually admire his thinking. He has me convinced that Americans eat too many processed carbs and trans fats like margerine or Potato chips( I could eat alot of these and I knew they were bad for me.)

He also said bananas are practically worthless food. I know they have potasium so I will doubt alot he says. I don't know that much about food but I know people whos doctors told them to eat a banana a day. I told my husband I was glad Atkins was off the pedestal we put him on.

I was reading the atkins book and looking at sample meals.

Seems most meals contain protein vegetable and fruit. So it seems the only change is replacing the starch with a fruit.

My knee continues to improve. I have alot of energy and have been walking about 30 minutes to 1 hour by the water most every day. I walk normal pace and on the grass.
I really enjoy walking by the water and we have had terrible rain so I can't help but walk whenever it isn't raining or cold. (Actually I got a rain proof jacket and walk in mild rain.) I saw a turtle laying eggs yesterday! Renewed your soul. Told the guy mowing the lawn so he wouldn't mow them over. He had magically missed mowing the mother turtle over. The geese and sea gulls were fighting over some donuts. No wonder I like walking in this park.

A digestive problem I was having cleared up. I was having irritable system before going on the diet. Now I don't have irritable digestive system. I feel toner but I guess that is my imagination. My husband had the same problem and it cleared up.

By the way, this definitely feels like a diet... It is easy to stay on but I definitley feel like I am on a diet. You know you think about what you are going to eat alot...(Well actually usually until I plan all the meals for the day. 10 am) I definitely miss eatting anything I want.

I even ate a banana - peas (I don't want to get crazy about the carbs in vegetables or fruit) and and glass of milk too. I was so sensitive to the taste of the peas - you would of thought I was eatting ice cream. I usually hate peas too. The plain oatmeal I never would have eatten in the past. Now the plain oatmeal tastes sweet like a treat.

I am just going to estimate the big carbs(I know I had more carbs)

17 oatmeal
10 milk
23 banana
10 peas
15 Milk
75 big carb items. (Good I didn't want to go too low carb.)

Food for the day.
Oatmeal with cup of milk

snack - southern pork rinds flavored with hot peppers

Boiled shrimp - 1/2 a pound
With cocktail sauce
1/4 pound of cold slaw
strawberries with cream(a few)

diet coke

Salmon (1/2 a pound)
With tartar sauce
small scoop of peas with butter
Strawberries (I like them)
About 10 ounces of milk

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