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You should do the trial to see if you like it. Seems like alot of fun and a different way of matching you with people. The people seem very interested in meeting people since it is alittle expensive. If you want cheap people go to the free sites. Right?

Chemistry is a sister site of, designed especially for people who are actively seeking meaningful, long-term relationships.

Whatís different about Chemistry? Itís our belief that meaningful relationships are built on two equally important foundations: compatibility and chemistry. Other sites may help you find out if you're compatible, but Chemistry's system is designed to help you find both of these essential elements.

Other differences youíll notice about Chemistry:

We give you the tools to get face-to-face with the people you want to meet.

Our Chemistry Profile is a fast, engaging, and in-depth look at who you are and what you want in a long-term relationship.

Get to know your matches through our step-by-step introduction process where you select the questions and control the pace. Whatís more, you can discontinue communications with any match at any time for any reason.

From the moment you first sign in to Chemistry, our advanced matching system begins learning about your preferences and adjusts the matching criteria to better meet your needs.

To enhance your privacy, only your fellow paying Chemistry members are able to initiate contact with you. Plus, your photo is revealed only when youíre comfortable doing so.


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