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Camcorder discounts, coupons and sales

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A Camcorder is used to record your own videos. In the past few years this distinction has become rather blurred; please excuse the pun, because most digital cameras, cell phones and even the Apple Ipod have added video recording capability to their devices.
So what separates the camcorder from these other devices? In a word, features and video quality.

Camcorder Features:
Even the least expensive camcorder will have a decent screen to monitor what you are recording, a zoom lens to get a closeup view and other special effects to make your video look more professional.

Camcorder Picture Quality:
Camcorders have taken a giant leap in picture quality from only a few years ago. In general, there are two delineations in the picture quality offered by Camcorders. HD, or high definition offers the best picture quality. SD, or standard definition offers the most competitive price.

Camcorder Recording methods as part of your Purchase decision
For this discussion we will only talk about consumer camcorders and not the more expensive prosumer and professional devices.
One of the most important decisions revolves around the recording medium used by the camcorder, i.e. where the recorded video is stored.
This decision will determine the other "stuff" you will require for viewing, saving and enjoying the videos you record.
Here are the options:

1. Removable DVD
The camcorder records video to removable recordable DVDs.

2. Internal Flash memory
The camcorder records video to an internal (limited size) memory.

3. Removable Flash memory
The camcorder records video to an external (you supply) memory card or memory stick.

4. Internal Hard Drive
The camcorder records video to an internal (usually good size) hard drive.

5. Removable Tape cartridge
The camcorder records video to an external (you supply) tape cartridge.

For many people, these choices can be quite daunting. I recommend that you focus on two primary issues in helping to cut through the confusion:

Do I want to edit or change the videos after a record them? (and am I willing to learn how to do that?)

How can I save my videos for the future?

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