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Birthstone discounts, deals and sales

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In the U. S. a birthstone is a gemstone associated with ones birth month on the Gregorian calendar. The custom of wearing birthstone jewelry became popular in 18th century Poland and has since spread throughout the western world. Reportedly the custom can be traced to the gems of the Hebrew High Priests breastplate. The writings of Josephus (1st century AD) and St. Jerome (5th century AD) also influenced the popularity of the birthstone. Historically, wearing a birthstone stone was considered protection against illness and misfortune, or good luck. In the U.S., the most commonly used birthstone chart is that of the Jewelers of America (American National Association of Jewelers) which was adopted in 1912. That chart has stayed essentially the same except for the addition of Tanzanite in 2002 for the December birthstone: January - Garnet, February - Amethyst, March - Aquamarine, April - Diamond, May - Emerald, June - Pearl or Alexandrite, July - Ruby, August - Peridot, September - Sapphire, October - Opal or Tourmaline, November - Topaz or Citrine, December - Turquoise or Tanzanite. There are many birthstone charts used in other parts of the world and in different cultures: astrological/zodiac, Navaratna, Polish, Celtic, Planetary, Ayurvedic, Arabic and others. Some types of birthstone jewelry: birthstone bracelet, birthstone ring, birthstone pendant, birthstone earrings, birthstone charms, birthstone brooch/pin, mothers ring and other pieces of jewelry. Since there are different birthstone charts, if the choice on one list is disagreeable, switch to a birthstone that fits your tastes and lifestyle. Online jewelry stores and jewelry departments within stores generally have coupons, discounts, special offers, promotions, sales for all types of birthstone jewelry.

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