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B&H Photo coupons, discounts and promotions

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Special offers on Professional Video from B&H Photo!

Special offers on Consumer Video from B&H Photo!

Special offers on Projectors from B&H Photo!

Why has the owner of Momsview shopped at B&H Photo and Video for over 10 years?

(1)B&H Photo Video has a wide professional product selection.

Unlike other Internet stores where SLR Cameras and Prosumer video products are just another product, this is B&H Photo's primary business.
B&H has been selling Pro SLR's and video equipment to professionals for more than 30 years. Their customers include major television networks and media outlets.

(2)They know their products.

A visit to B&H Photo Video's main store in New York City on the corner of ninth avenue and 34 st. is the chance to get an education in the latest Photo and Video equipment and technology.

B&H Photo Video
420 9th Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10001
(3)Their new products always come with full US warranties.

The dirty little secret is that many "low price" Internet vendors sell products destined for the non-US market.
Though you may get the lowest price, you end up stuck without a US warranty!
B&H Photo Video always sells Video and Photo equipment with full US warranties at a good price!

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